That little more push!

Disclaimer:- Read only if you are stuck at something in your life and feel a bit or completely messed up and don’t know how to get things right on track!

Hello there!

Take a few rounds of deep breath and let’s begin.. 😊

I know that your life is all messed up, nothing is going right and I also know that you want to fix everything.

Those people who are criticizing you and telling that you are good for nothing is making matters even worst. Isn’t it?

What should you do?

How to get control of it all and show them that you aren’t what they think you are?

First of all, believe that you can do it!

Once you know that there is a way out of this mess, it will become easier for you to plan and act.

You aren’t the only one, who have had to go through the self-doubt, denial and rejection.

You aren’t the only one who is filled with inferiority complex upto the brim.

There have been people who went through the same and even worst, suffered but realised, and came out of it not at once but gradually and completely.

They shone like a diamond and the world looked upon them and learnt a great deal.

They were called the achievers, the successful and the fighters!

You are gonna be one of them too.

Don’t believe me?

Very well then don’t, but listen to what I have got to tell and then decide for yourself;

Whether you want to be stuck with the randomness or you want to get hold of everything in your life and rise above every obstacle and live as free as a bird.

Here’s how you can come out of whatever you are stuck at and do something and stand on your own feet.

Jot down everything that matters to you in the long run.

Decide what is important and what is not!

For example, the categories can be financial independence, relationship with family, that career you want to pursue, a skill you want to learn, an idea which you want to work on etc.

Then for every single category, list down steps that you have to do in order to achieve it.

Also list down the challenges in the same and ways to tackle them.

Do the same for every category.

At last put a timeline to achieve all those things, not all at once but one by one.

Say the category is financial independence;

Write down the steps that you have in your mind to achieve it, like freelancing or tutoring or learning a new skill and then working for it etc.
And then assign it a few months or days so that will become your reference and you won’t feel that messed up afterall.

And when you are done sorting out things, remember it’s easier said then done.

Every night before you sleep, review that chart, list the tasks that you want to get done with the next day, pertaining to the plan you made.

Be honest with yourself and understand that there is nothing called overnight success, it takes innumerable nights before to make that overnight success possible.

Have faith, keep working, and remember to introspect everyday about things that you are doing and things that you want to do.

That will help you keep a check on yourself.

It’s all within you, you just have to remind yourself that and keep going on with a positive attitude.

Good luck you beautiful people! 😍


What I wrote above is inspired completely by my own life experiences, while trying to balance work life while having to also undergo mental and physical pain of having a chronic medical condition.

Positive outlook has helped me and many around me come out of troubles you can’t even imagine.

There is always a way out, let yourself cry and let your emotions flow out from within, because it’s totally alright to cry once in a while.

But remember life is a beautiful gift from nature and in order to completely live, we also have to surrender ourselves to the pain and sufferings and rise above all of it to finally be able to admire the beauty yourself.

Keep fighting back, may the best of power and strength be with you!

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