5 must-go-places places in Delhi I explored this weekend!

Hey wonderful people!

Summer for me is passing by so quick and so good, like always.

After coming back from Bangalore, I was working with a non profitable education organisation in Gwalior, M.P.

And it was going amazing until something very unexpected but not very unusual happened when the weather there was constantly above 40°C, which triggered my pain symptoms to an extremity.


One such downfall is not going to put me down in the bubble of self-pity, I knew it this time.

Hence, I decided to give myself a treat and traveled solo to New Delhi, the capital city of India which is only 6 hrs journey from Gwalior by train.

I had already been to most of the famous tourist places such as Chandani Chowk, India Gate, Old Fort, Humayun Tomb, Qutab Minar, Connaught Place, Sarojini Nagar etc.

Yet again, I was there standing at the station, wondering what could be the best possible way to spend a day again here in the city.

After a bit of quick planning, I visited some brand new places and ended up having a really great day!

Here are those five amazing places I found everyone must visit, while in Delhi;

1. Bangla Sahib

Gurudwaras in themselves are a very unique religious place for Sikhs with their own ways and customs seldom found elsewhere.

Bangala Sahib located very near to Connaught Place is one such beautiful place.

Always crowded yet so mesmerizing that many often come here to meditate, pray and to attain peace of mind.

Rich and privileged coming from well-to-do families serve people self-lessly in any Gurudwara.

The thing about these places that attracts even those who do not follow Sikhism, is the Langar System (Free Food) and free Stay to anyone in need without any discrimination.

Isn’t that such a beautiful custom?

Everyone coming here is asked to cover their head with these pretty piece of clothes.

The pond in the middle of the Gurudwara adds to the already existing beauty as well.

Next time, you are in Delhi, you really can’t afford to miss this.

Place rating:- 9/10

2. Momos at DePaul’s in Janpath

Every Delhiite is definitely a Momos Fan, and no doubt you get them at every hook and corner in Delhi, but this place is a heaven for momo lovers.

These juicy and delicious dumplings with our favourite spicy red chutney is a must try when you are in and around CP or Rajiv Chowk.

I tried the chicken Momos and they were too yum to resist, veg ones were equally high in demand though! 😍

Food rating:- 9.5/10

3. Kachoris at Prachin Hanuman Mandir

Hardly 500 metres away from Bangla Sahib, this very old temple of Lord Hanuman is famous among Hindus and invites large number of people every day.

But what’s so great about it, isn’t that the same with every Hindu temple next door?

Just at the entrance of the temple there are a group of eateries out of which this place called The Hanuman Kachori drew my attention, because Kachoris named after the temple isn’t very common.

I quickly went there, grabbed a plate of crispy Kachoris mixed with aloo curry and trust me I thanked God for showing me way to such a unique and delicious street food just for 20 bucks.

Try it without fail!

Food Rating:- 9/10

4. Chole Kulche at Narayana

Chole Kulche in New Delhi is similar to what Batata Vada is to Mumbaikars, easily available and awesome for a quick bite anywhere.

But this place serves the kind, available nowhere else;

Located near PVR, you can also find it’s mention in various food blogs by scoopwhoop as well.

But, what’s so special about it?

With the Chole, you get many kinds of Kulche here, Butter ones, Masala ones and each fried in butter on high flame and lots of cheese grated over them!

I know, it sounds mouth watering already, but you know what’s even great about this place?

It’s the main cook and owner, Biru Bhai who is such a happy glowing man.

When I was done digging in the food, he observed me taking various videos and pictures, came forward and began telling me the success stories and how famous his tiny Kulche ki Dukan is in entire Delhi.

How could I resist taking a picture with this amazing person ?

Food Rating:- 8/10

5. Mughlai Junction at CP, N Block

Heaven for non vegetarians, with extremely good service and ambience, srarters here were the best I have ever had in my life time.

Yes that’s literally true, no exaggeration.

I tried Hariyali Chicken Tikka and my all time favourite Tangdi Kebab.

While Hariyali Tikka had the perfect blend of spices and herbs in the meat.

Tangdi Kebab was extremely juicy and soft, the best I have ever had, I am going back to that place for these! 😋

Food Rating:- 9/10

So, those were the 5 must-go-places in New Delhi especially if you are a foodie! 🤣


Despite the one day outing, my pain level went up to such a severity level that I had to leave the teaching internship and come back home.

But those who know me will tell you how much of a restless creature I am, never staying in one place for long.

So, here I am in Kathmandu, under a blanket in my grandmother’s house surrounded by hilltops, with temperature being 19° C.

Life as I always say, isn’t limited by our circumstances as much it is by our own thoughts and fears.

I always preach and practice, the art of controlling my life and not let any trouble or unfortunate incidence control me.!

I could easily choose to stay back home, cry in bed while blaming God for having given me a disease so cruel;

But I chose to forget the bad memories, focus on the possibilities and stay happy as long as I am still alive.

Hope my writings help you stay out of your life problems and manage to feel blessed and happy anyways. 😊

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