A beautiful heart and an accident that changed everything

Hello you beautiful people!

I am gonna tell you a real life story today, picked up not farther from my own hometown.

Salempur is a town located in Deoria district, 90 kms from Gorakhpur and 150 from the city of Varanasi!

It’s a story of a beautiful lady, inside out, not disclosing her name but she is aged somewhere between 40 & 50. We will call her Aunt from now on, if that’s okay!

Aunt worshipping the Sun God on Chhath, the festival in which women fast for 3 days continuously.

Married off in her teens itself, she was forced to cook, wash, feed and take care of a family of atleast 20 people at her in laws house. The inhumane treatment was by her aggressive and strict mother in laws.

Shockingly this treatment to small town daughter in laws still continues where education has not touched it’s ground.

If you are listening to this story and if you can do anything to create awareness and educate people, please do it. It can be in the form of tutoring girl child, sponsoring their education etc.

Well, coming back to the story, she thought that’s what is her fate, that’s what she is supposed to do to be a good daughter in law.

All this torture and yet she had such a big heart, that she used to donate her extra time in temples, helping out other women and man you won’t believe, she adopted all the daughters of her drunkard brother, took care of them and when they came of age, she found suitable bridegrooms for each one of them to get them married.

Infact the youngest of them still stays with her, she plans to get married in few years down the line.

A picture of me and her youngest niece.

With time, she had accepted life to be this way and was living happily.

Never sparing a second thought to help when someone was in need financially or otherwise. She was indeed someone to whom other women looked up to for strength and willpower and that kind heart of course!

Then there came a twist, a climax that changed everything in her life and that of her family’s.

While returning from a wedding ceremony with her husband, the bus was at full speed when it came to a sudden halt in the middle of a highway and her head struck the gearbox almost immediately!

Although no other casualties were noticed, she felt sharp pain in her hip and when taken to a hospital the doctors ridiculously enough, tied a couple of bricks with her hip and made her lie down on a bench so that the broken joint gets back to normal. (It was a certified medical college and she had no idea that her bones are broken)

She did as told, but after many hours doctors referred her to another hospital where she was operated but because of carelessness by them or by the nurses, she developed a wound the size of a cricket ball at the same spot where she was operated.

Oh and did I tell you right after the accident, she had lost all senses below her waist, she couldn’t tell if she had an urgency to pee or go to the lavatory!

A picture of her in saree

She was again sent to a handful of hospitals in Lucknow until finally someone accepted to take her case, reoperated her by tearing some skin from her thigh and stitching it to the part where she had the wound.

Regular checkups, lacs of money spent, and to this day she can’t walk or sit for a long time. She has still not gotten back the ability to sense her lower body and most importantly whether she wants to use the washroom.

The later part makes her be dependent on other people. And while it’s okay to be dependent for a while but it’s been years of the struggle, yesterday while I was talking to her over a video call, she couldn’t stop herself from shedding a tear because unlike her older self, she can’t help herself now let alone helping other people.

“No matter how much I try beta, I feel so bad for my children, my daughter who has to compromise with her studies to take care of me. When I could be a source of strength and support to my children, I am no more than a bundle of burden to them.” She said while wiping off the river of tears flowing down from her eyes.

I could only imagine the feeling of betrayal in her heart, having experienced something similar but not as intense as hers.

Her and my younger brother on his birthday celebration at my home

It’s sad why bad things happen to good people always, my grandpa died at the age of 32, a sudden death to a man whom the town has still not forgotten because of his good deeds.!

I am sure you know of many similar stories where the person with a good heart and soul, was chosen for the struggle in life.

But you know how it is;

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, that’s what I have been telling myself and her and everyone else who feels is a victim of fate.

Despite being positive, it’s certainly hard to continue living with the same kind of zeal and happiness. All I know is that people are trying their best,I am trying my best and probably, you who is reading it are also trying your best.

You know how she is when you meet her? She is probably the coolest and the most jolly woman I have ever met in my life.

Aunt with her daughter!

She was in the hospital for months and neither her relatives, nor neighbours came to help her family in any way, they were the same people for whom she had selflessly done so many things in the past.

And you won’t believe to this date both her husband’s family and her own have disconnected themselves from her life. At the time when she and her children needed some external help, they all backed out.

“My children are the only people left whom I can call mine, it hurts how there was not a single one of them who came forward to extend some help while I was away struggling between life and death”, she says.

You see what anyone is going through is seldom visible from the outside.

Or say someone’s face value mustn’t be equated to how they feel from the inside. Please be kind and gentle with strangers, friends and people whom you meet on daily basis, it’s hard to tell or understand other people’s agony. All you can try to do is be less judgemental and more supportive to each other.

The definition of life isn’t same for everyone. With so many of us around, let’s at least build a heart full of compassion towards other beings;

Because remember you never know the other side of the story.

Love and Regards 💞


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