A visit to Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore

Hey you beautiful people!

Today out of the blue, I visited the beautiful art gallery plus carnival in Bangalore located close to College of Fine Arts, Bangalore.

I had heard a lot about the unique and beautiful items you get here and of course about the Art Museum.

My experience here was good, I m not much of a museum person myself but totally loved the paintings collection that they possessed.

Check a few of them out here!

One of the paintings from a section where photography was not so strictly prohibited 😛

I love this picture of my sister trying to sync with the painting there.

Yeah right, not a candid. But hey, check those paintings out.

Just loved this one on the wall outside museum, couldn’t stop myself from posing there.

The second part of the Parishad consisted of tiny shops, where handcrafted, miniature crafts and art works from villages of India were being sold.

I have to say they were all so unique and beautiful and very expensive at the same time but totally worth it.

Check them out and I bet you want to take a leap and reach there right away.

Wooden crafts


Tiny metal artworks

They were all so pretty

Artforms printed on palm leaves.

There are so many pictures that I wanted to show you and videos as well but unfortunately that’s not possible on a blog guys.

I am also going on a trip to Kerala day after, if you don’t follow me already on Insta, follow Calm Insights to see what I am going to witness in God’s own country.

Of the time we were leaving.

That’s all folks, see you on the other side. 😊

Strength and Love 💙❤️


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Have a good day people.

See you on the other side. 🤗