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Aditi Gupta, the author of Calm Insights has been through extremely harsh circumstances at a very young age in her life when she was diagnosed with an incurable, invisible, rare auto-immune disease.

Her story of struggle, patience, endurance and self-love is inspiring many and was recently featured by The Indian Women Blog.

“By choosing to write through Calm Insights and reaching out to people who need the emotional support and encouragement , I did convert my wounds into strength”, says Aditi in one of her interviews.

Calm Insights has also been recognised at The Liebster Award.

The website aims to inspire millions who under inevitable obstacles in life in the form of competitive, physical, financial, marital and many fears and insecurities lose hope and appear directionless!

Blogs and Quotes that you read from Calm Insights are all inspired by the author’s life experiences!

Know that there always are constructive things on the way.
Once when we are positive and look for the possibilities instead of dwelling in the grief, things do get better. 💜💛💚

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