An Achievement and a Secret of Calm Insights

Hey Beautiful People ! How are you all doing?

The weekend just got over. I am sure everyone must be relaxed a bit as you didn’t have to push yourselves at least for last two days.

Boy, I know how precious, weekends are !

Okay, quickly let’s get to something beautiful I have got to tell you.

Calm Insights

This blog was nominated for a Liebster Award by another beautiful girl Janice, whose blogs are here.

It’s a recognition given to amazing budding bloggers, by other reputed bloggers out there, globally.

Taaadaaa… isn’t that amazing !

I never really got a chance of letting you all know grounds and vision behind Calm Insights.

Blogs and Quotes and Prose that you get to read from this website are all derived from author’s outlook and way of looking at life.

How are they so positive all the time?

Why does she always insist on taking time out for yourself, loving and caring yourself and looking at everything one at a time?

Here is the answer.

The author while in the mid-way of her engineering studies, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic debilitating condition which is invisible and incurable.

It causes extreme widespread pain, fatigue, insomnia, muscle stiffness, migraines, IBS and depression among its 100 other symptoms.

That’s not all, the condition is also progressive.

That means the suffering, the intensity of pain and the disability that it causes keeps on getting more and more with each passing day.

There are no pain-killers, no gel, no miracle, no magic that’s gonna happen !

Suicide rate in patients with this condition is very high, reason of it being invisible and rare, many a times family, friends and doctors drift away and start abusing and cursing them of having it just in their mind.

She chose to live and not let the monstrous disease decide her fate.

And guess what?

  • Though the pain condition kept getting harder, she has absorbed so much positivism and auspiciousness in herself by making herself tough and adamant for living life to the fullest, no matter what.
  • She now lives with a smile on her face and peace in mind and contentment in heart.
  • She wants to help the world with the lessons and perspective that she has earned in due time and make the world a bit better place to live.

You are right, sometimes the challenges life throws at you in any form can make you so dull and tensed and depressed and hopeless all at once.

But you know what, all that time spent in dwelling upon it, cursing your fate or self-pitying only steals away all the lovely things you could still be a part of !

Now you know the vision of Calm Insights !!

To make people realize the fact that if one door closes there are many infinite doors still open which you never focused on, because you were too much into that one single thing.

Let all the negativity pass down your system and pledge to only continue seeing the opportunities, the goodness, the beauty of life that’s still there.

Won’t you? ( I know, you will ).