The Art of Living One Day at a Time

Each of our Lives are filled with infinite moments spent being happy, sad, excited, scared, nervous, hopeful, fearful and the list has no ending. Do you think this goes on forever? ( Of course not !! )

Our life has an ending and so is finite; in terms of years, months or days.

As a child, every minute detail and need is taken care by our Parents and we live in almost zero Stress. But as we grow up, we hold the responsibility of our Happiness, Well-being, Present, Past and Future !!

At first it feels difficult, but soon we realise and begin to embrace changes;

  • We make mistakes and learn from them..
  • We feel lonely but learn to take care of ourselves..
  • We feel lost but learn to have faith ..

The Struggle is indeed Real and also worth it if needs a mention !!

Some days are Awesome and spent much happier than we ever expected but many aren’t as Favourable, Right?

What happens after a bad day of failed attempts, misfortunes, mistakes and regrets?

We fail miserably, unable to see hopes, start underestimating and predicting all the worst nightmares possible.

The immediate impact of above is on your confidence-level, faith in life and others, lost hopes and loads of inferiority complex affecting many days and opportunities to come.

Live every day one at a time my friends, do not let the ugliness of today affect the beauty of tomorrow.

When you learn from today and forget the misfortunes that you had to face and let go of all the negativity. You are ready to face the next day with right kind of attitude.

Remember Nature Reciprocates always.

You welcome your days with hopes and faith, you get your wishes come true.

You feed it with fears and inactivity, you get failures in return.

Don’t forget to let go things and start pure and powerful as each day dawns.