The beauty and colors of Love

Love is a beautiful feeling, perhaps the best in the world !

It makes us do crazy, stupid and sometimes impossible things for each other and we often feel captivated at such power within us which no knows no bounds.

As much as we think about it, there exists so many likes of it.

  • A mother’s selfless immeasurable love for her children;
  • A father’s infinite unexpressed love for his kids;
  • The hidden feeling of compassion and togetherness with siblings:
  • The seemingly unbreakable bond of friendship;

And the deep sense of belonging and affection between two beautiful hearts which fell for each other.

Doesn’t it bother you?

The fact that two different people without knowing each other for so long suddenly began liking one another so much. Their love was born out of nowhere and grew so strong that they felt the entire world shrunken in just that beautiful tender heart they had fallen for.

Isn’t that amazing?

They resolve to fight any obstacle to prove their love to the world and to be by each other’s side till their breaths fade away !

Such is the charm of love and such is the infinite devotion and passion that lies within it.

Only problem I see is the way things unfold, there are only a handful of relationships that stay long enough these days.

What do you think the underlying trouble is?

Let’s think about it for a moment here,

What do you think we had fallen in love with, in the first place?

There are so many qualities ( apart from physical allure ), for instance

  • How brilliantly he/she take their own decisions.
  • How well they manage with people around.
  • How they love to sing, dance, write, paint and travel.
  • How ambitious and hard working they are.
  • How they love to be away from crowd sometimes because they also love solitude.

And how the resulting personality with all those qualities intact made your heart pound for them?

That’s the point buddy !

With time, we start to seek control over each other’s lives and force them to do or not do a thing, to choose this and not that, to go or not go there, to talk or not talk with them….. 

Do you see it now?

Maybe we do it unintentionally, maybe we just try to show that we care !

But through the toxic and foul act of ours that aims to change that elegant personality we fell in love with ?

No, you can’t pay such big a price, I am sure.

Stop taking control and showing that you know more about each other, everyone out there are grownups, very much capable of taking the wise life decisions however small or big by themselves. 

Mind you own business and set each other free for if you don’t, you sure are gonna lose the best person who gives the best feeling and who loves you like nothing else in the world.

Love and Regards.

P.S- What you just read are the author’s perception and may or may not be true always.

So you smarty-pants know it all already, go chase all that you love with a little more compassion !