Most Certain thing about Life is it's Uncertainty

Most Certain thing about Life is it’s Uncertainty

We get broken at little things very easily these days. It might be the result of over-pampering and living in a cocoon shell of our own throughout our lives without even realising other aspects and probable conditions that exist.

Life is tough and that’s the whole point of it. The quicker we accept the better it becomes.

Everyone is suffering and having one or the other kind of pain. Some make it obvious and some don’t; but they all have got huge problems in their life.

Yes, each one of them!

We often become emotionally shattered at sudden obstacles; a disease, relationship failure, losing job, repeated failure etc. We start blaming God and fate for being so poor, we start dwelling and many fail to keep their feelings in control that they end their lives.

Our lives are extremely  precious!

When we are aware of the fact that life is never going to be fair and its never going to be simple and easy. It then becomes much easier to handle all the ups and downs that we encounter.

By expecting life to be fair, we do something similar to expecting a lion to not eat you because you didn’t eat him!

That’s the irony!

Be humble and accept every fallback in life as a challenge!

Stand and Fight rather than lamenting over it and blaming your fate; and when you do that you etch your personality and inner beauty towards an amazing person.

Crests and Troughs makes it super exciting!

And trust me life is worth fighting for, it’s incredibly beautiful and extra-ordinarily amazing.

Rise above the hardships and get into the possibilities.

Never give up, Stay positive and keep fighting for your dreams and beliefs!




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