Don’t waste time with regrets and worries or should’ve done this or that. 

Every decision you have made has taught you something, all your actions are worthy of peace now. 

Trust in the universe my love.

I’ve been in love before, it’s like a narcotic. At first it brings the euphoria of complete surrender.

The next day you want more. You’re not addicted yet, but you like the sensation, and you think you can still control things. 

You think about the person you love for two minutes then forget them for three hours. But then you get used to that person, and you begin to be completely dependent on them. Now you think about him for three hours and forget him for two minutes. 

If he’s not there, you feel like an addict who can’t get a fix. And just as addicts steal and humiliate themselves to get what they need, you’re willing to do anything for love. 

Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s an act of connecting with someone so deeply that you feel like you can see into their soul.

You find peace and happiness when you realize that tomorrow is going to come regardless of what happened today. And tomorrow brings a new chance to live life differently. 

Every day is a new day, a new start because, Yesterday was Past and Tomorrow never comes;

Live for Today and let to escape problems from prison of mind.

– Guest Post by Kritagya .

Regards  !