Come let’s sit and heal each other

come let’s sit
and heal each other

let’s not talk so much
on the surface

let’s get deep inside and
look for the thorns that’s been
hurting us for so long

let’s help each other heal
by identifying the thorns and
removing them one by one
slowly and gently

it is hard work
i know

but the kind of work
we need the most

it’s not easy
looking within
it can cause
old traumas and hidden
wounds to resurface

but once we feel
understood and loved
we can start shedding
the pain we have
been through for so long

life isn’t just about
sunflowers and cherry blossoms

it’s about facing the difficulties
lifting each other up
and living

really living each moment
without attaching ambitions
and targets to everything we do

everyone you see is fighting a battle
an inner demon of their own

let’s not judge each other for once
let’s just sit and look within
for the thorns

and kiss and hug
our healing hearts

for we are all aching somewhere

and we only have
each other to count on

let’s not forget we are all
work in progress

let’s just sit and listen

really listen this time
and not just pretend

come let’s sit
and heal each other

~ The poem was written by me and is an ode to ‘Keeping Quiet’ by Pablo Neruda


The poem was written in a moment of grief. A moment when I was on the verge of crying without knowing why, I wanted to share how I felt with someone but there was hardly anyone I could think of.

In this fast paced world, we surely are nearing a world where we can get anything on the tip of our fingers, but is human love the cost of development? That’s food for thought!

Thank you for reading, share with your loved ones. And be there for each other, be beautiful and spread love.

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