Counselling Session with Aditi Gupta

According to World Health Organisation, one out of every four people in the world have to go through a mental illness at some point of time in their lives.

Ofcourse I had no clue about it myself until I got admitted in National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences, Bengaluru for the treatment of my chronic pain illness couple years ago.

After spending time with families of those who were diagnosed with a mental illness and befriending those who were diagnosed with them, I realised two things.

1. Mental Health is very common and it has nothing to do with the labels you are often made to live with. Lazy, Stupid, Psycho, Cleaning Freak, Maniac are just words used by those who don’t educate themselves enough.

2. Mental health disorders can be treated and those who suffer from them can very much live and dream like those who don’t.

While fighting with my own illness, I understood how important it is to have a friend/family member or even a stranger who can listen compassionately without judging you and who thinks you deserve to be loved.

I have lost friends to the horrors of taboo around mental health. I have almost lost myself at the peak of my illness when I wasn’t diagnosed and when everyone thought that it was just in my head.

After having re-established myself through the time and tide of my illness with the help of therapists and doctors, I still feel restless to see so many of you suffering silently. I want to help you regain your life back.

To deal with mental health, I am going to offer a counseling/therapy session to those who are facing the darkness within and unable to come forward and seek help or don’t know how to. Those who need a listener, who can support, understand and help them through what they are facing without the fear of being judged.

The counselling sessions will be charged depending upon the time duration. They will be completely confidential and you don’t have to worry it getting, out there in the world.

Those willing to take counseling from me, can contact me via email or DMs on Facebook and Instagram handle of Calm Insights.

You can write a little about what you are facing and I will revert as soon as possible and mention my charge and time as per our convenience.

Remember it’s okay to feel unstable. It’s okay to disassociate, it’s okay to hide from the world. It’s okay to need help. And it’s okay to not be okay.

One day at a time, let’s strive for a better life.

Strength and Love 💙

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