Do you remember the promise?

Just a day more and there it is, the weekend we long for like nothing else in the world.

Those 2 days in which we aren’t expected to rush through the day only to work from 9-5 and come back home exhausted, searching for a bed to jump on and relax!

If you give it some thought, weekends are pre-planned too, like the laundry you have got to clear, or that meeting you have got to attend, or the cleaning, repair work, shopping and infinite such miscellaneous things.

Don’t you think we are so caught up in the cycle that though it may sound unpleasant, but life is controlling us all and not the vice-versa?

Unfortunately that’s a really poor thing, isn’t it?

Where is the time to stop and think?

Where is the time to sit back all alone and look up at the infinite sky, look around at those innocent children whose smiles are the purest, and most importantly listen to those who are the reason for your existence, those whom you needed the most once upon a time, and those who did everything possible to make you who you are today!

Who are they?

Do you even remember, that sometime ago, probably when you were in school or early years of college, your only wish was to make your parents proud, give them a life where they don’t have to sacrifice anymore and where they can live happy and relaxed ?

I bet you remember;

The only thing is that now you have forgotten all those promises made, though you have successfully given them a house to live and money to buy stuff but is it exactly that, do they need or is it something else?

Look at them, do they seem happy?

Why not?

Because they are old and sick?

You have got to be kidding yourself because the answer is NO.

NO, they aren’t sad because they are old and sick they are sad because;

Eventhough you are earning Lakhs and living in a beautiful society,

Eventhough your wife is understanding and lovely,

Eventhough you have sweet little children,

Eventhough your life seems perfect to the world and you, they aren’t happy because;

You have distanced yourself from them,

You no more sit and talk with your parents the way you used to when you were young,

You no more look in their eyes and try to understand how they are feeling,

You no more, sit with your father and talk about random things and laugh together like you used to,

You no more sit with your mother and talk endlessly and make her feel special,

You STAY with them but you don’t LIVE with them!

The reality of today’s fast paced world is that we have disconnected ourselves from the most important people of our life, our parents!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change things, you can still make it like it should be just by giving some time to them, just by asking them about their well-being, asking them if they need anything and reassuring them that you do care and that they can count on you always!

A heart to heart conversation with them.

Yes, that’s all it really takes. 😊

Learn to value the good things that you already have in your life.

Learn to appreciate the beauty of life atleast more than the amount of time you spend in crying over the spilt milk!

The comfort zone of our respective lives bounded by work schedule, home, phone and sleep continues to be the same and surprisingly we don’t even realize that there is a beautiful world that exists out of this comfort zone.

One needs to realize and take a step forward, break the shell of comfort zone and do a few things in order to know yourself and the world a bit more. ( I bet you will fall in love with life, once you do that )


Last weekend, one of my friends working as an Engineer in Bangalore, called me up telling that he really feels, life has become very easy and boring and he wants to get out of the comfort zone and do something to make other’s life and his, better!

We decided to go for a social experiment with elderly people of the age 50+, and take their Insights about life.

We did it in the beautiful society in which my friend Surya stays, it’s called Salarpuria Sattva.

We planned roughly of how we were going do it, a few questions about how their life has been till date and how is it now, from their perspective, what is that thing the younger generation is completely doing wrong etc.

I have to mention that they were extremely happy by the fact that out of us, the youth, people are actually coming just to talk with them and learn from them.

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the experience was, getting to understand life from their angle.

It was so beautiful that we ended up clicking pictures with them, taking their mobile numbers and promised each other to meet again in future.

This old man in the picture is a retired Chartered Accountant and he had a beautiful story in which he was forced to sit back at home for 12 long years because of someone else’s fault and then how he managed to stay positive and in the end became the General Manager of Dena Bank.

Among others, we met an 84 year old personality, all fit and fine who was a singer at radio for 20 long years.

Life is really a beautiful thing people, I never get tired of telling this to you and to myself because it really is. Despite all that I have endured in life I feel it’s a blessing to be alive and be a part of the journey, unpredictable and yet so amazing.

This blog about how we have distanced ourselves from parents is written, inspired by the same social experiment in which we also met a beautiful lady in her 60s staying with her Son and Daughter-in-law both working, she opened up to us when we reassured the purpose of it, she went on telling how sad she is, despite all the luxury and possessions her son has managed to provide her.

“It’s a bit of their time, concern and love that we really long for from our children in old age, and nothing more, we understand that they already are so occupied with work and family stress that we keep our affairs to ourselves as much as possible”.

Those were few lines by Kusum Aunty, the beautiful 64 year old woman.

Stay happy, take care of yourself and others and never stop learning, living and smiling.

Have a good day you beautiful people!
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