Everything happens for ‘many’ reasons

Why do bad things happen to good people?

That’s the most common question almost everyone stumbles upon at some or the other point in their life.

Yesterday I and my therapist did a small activity where we compared every aspect of the life of ‘Aditi with Fibro’ and the Aditi that I was before having Fibromyalgia.

That activity really was an eye opener.

We tried to jot down effects in every major part of my life; psychological, financial, family, friends, profession, values, learnings etc.

And then I understood how much I have changed over time just because I have Fibromyalgia and just because I had no other option but to go through the excruciating struggle of having chronic pain that can not be cured.

I realised what a selfish, mean, reckless person I was who wouldn’t even have given a thought about the Aditi that I am today just because I wasn’t equally successful or well-earning as she would have been.

OMG, I then understood the very thing that’s wrong with most people out there!

Bad things happen, in order to make people more humble, more appreciating of little things and more compassionate towards those who are struggling with something in their life.

And you won’t believe how much gratefulness I carried with myself when I left the therapy room yesterday evening.

If not for this disease I would have never learnt so many beautiful things that are core to a beautiful heart and a meaningful living.

That’s the very thing wrong about people in my family who don’t support me, friends who left me through my struggle and unknown mean and grumpy people that we come across every now and then.

They haven’t been lucky enough to be blessed with some kind of problem or setback in their life in the form of failure, losing a loved one, illnesses, losing a job or whatever problems there are.

Bad things happen to good people to make them even more beautiful, to teach others the values and importance of a beautiful life, to teach humility, gratefulness, love, care and kindness to other people.

I would like to quote a beautiful line that has kept me going through all the time and tide of my illness;

“God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers”

That really made sense you know when I realised all of it on the bus ride back home from the hospital.

But remember there is also a precursor to all this, there are some exceptions, where people become even more bitter and selfish when life throws hard circumstances at them, that’s because they don’t look at it the way they must do and they end up feeling tangled in the web of problems. So how you look at your problems is another very important thing and that’s where positivity, strength and attitude plays a big role.

The double perspective thing that I so wish everyone understood, I only learnt because I suffered and noone understood because they were not capable of seeing things from my perspective.

That’s because they are mean and selfish exactly like the Aditi I would have been without having gone through the struggle with Fibromyalgia.

That’s when I realized problems in life are blessings because they make you a better person. A person who’s not mean and judgemental and who doesn’t live just for themselves.

I may have shed a tear or two on my way back home but despite that, yesterday was a beautiful day because I understood life is beautiful and it’s beautiful because of all the sadness, depression, illness and troubles we have to go through while alive.

I am more grateful than ever today, for having Fibromyalgia because I don’t appreciate the Aditi that I was who knew nothing about being kind.

la vie est belle 🌷🌷


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Strength and Love