Family : A Blessing indeed

Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing?

It’s been quite some time since I have last written a blog and that’s because I was caught up in many other things and I really really am apologetic about it.

Yes, I am. 🙁

But, guess what?

I have many things planned for my blog.

So beautiful surprises coming your way !

 I swear !

Oh no wait…

I am very bad at keeping things to myself, so here is the deal evryybaady 😛

I am gonna start sections of Travel and Lifestyle very soon and interesting stuff coming up, stay tuned.

I can’t keep calm, can you ?

I am sure everyone of us love our families like nothing else except when in the impulse of starting honeymoon period of those who have fallen in love, for them naturally nothing else seems as important as their partners, that’s pretty strange but beautiful in some way for sure.

But jokes apart !

Time for much needed Gyaan ( is it? )

Today’s blog is about times when we  are surrounded by many self created troubles and  stop communicating things with family.

We assume that we are very strong and they don’t have any idea how to solve matters of business, career, relationship and finance etc.

You know, many a times we tend to keep our personal affairs to ourselves and never let parents know of it.

That’s really commendable from our part and it shows how much we care and intend not to over-burden them with things that we aren’t very proud of !

But you know what ?

Take my word, noone ever, however close or dearly, cares as much for you as your mom and dad and sisters and brothers do !

That’s the beauty of Family..

Though we might be very learnt and independent now…

Strong and capable but don’t forget, they took care of you when you couldn’t even walk or speak a word properly.

They understood when you needed to take a nap or eat or laugh when you were so dumb at expressing anything.

Our parents truly don’t bother much about the bad habit you got into, or the bad relationship that spoilt you or the failed attempts in your career.

All they really care in the end of the day is your happiness.

That’s true ! 

I know it’s all sounding vague, but listen to me.

However bad it may seem, please tell your parents about the difficult seeming troubles in your life.

They will scold you, may even slap you once or twice but then at the same time will take care of you and help you find a way out sooner or later.

Family is truly a blessing.

Love them and be loved.

Keep them as close as possible.

Take care my people !

Love and regards.