The Greatness of Self-Learning

Learning in itself is something without which one can’t apprehend, enjoy and explore the immense beauty that lies all around us.

Those who deny to learn, remain stuck at the same intellectual and emotional level forever.

We learn things by innumerable varied ways such as taking a course, listening to scholars, reading books etc.

One of the most effective and effortless learning of all times is Self-Learning.

Some call it learning by experience !

Some say they learnt with time, others may say they learnt by themselves !

Trust me it’s all the same, I will tell you how !

When you learn by observing things happening around, when you learn by a mistake that you did, when you learn by battling emotional or physical challenges or when you learn by seeing how others overcame their hardships…. 

It’s all a form of self learning, isn’t it?

Did anyone teach you how to excel at any of the above?

No. ( Because noone does ! )

You observed, you analysed your circumstances, you weighed the possibilities and acted upon it.

And every time you did any of the above, you learnt my friend !!

This learning is what builds us internally and makes us capable of fighting through life’s worst distress and notice how awesome it all is in the end.

Never stop learning, keep growing and keep exploring yourself.

Life truly has lots in store than we ever can imagine.

Keep your head high, you beautiful people !!

Come what may, you will never ever stop having faith and learning and emerging..