How I celebrated my birthday this year

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I write so that you come out of your comfort zone and look around, wake up, realise your long forgotten responsibility towards the society, and towards some of the tiny creatures who are much less privileged than us.

Who are they, you ask?

Let’s see.

Poor and homeless, who are so worn off and weak that it kills them almost every day and makes them do things that they otherwise hate to do;

Just to be able to earn enough to feed themselves and survive!

And then the handicapped, those who have lifelong Illnesses and disabilities to carry and believe it or not, people literally abandon them because they are too slow, stingy and ugly from outside.

It was my birthday on 30th July and I gave it a little thought on spending my hard-earned money on something meaningful this year.

Giving friends a treat for about a 1000 bucks minimum to spending in a cake is to make ourselves feel happy and to feed those who are already capable of doing it.

Are we doing it the right way then?

I thought!

And this thinking led me to a brilliant idea of visiting not an old age home this time( because I had been there on my last b’day ) but a home for mentally and physically handicapped people who also are poor/homeless/orphans.

People after contributing or fund-raising have established such homes at many places in India, and after googling a little, I found one reasonably close to where I stay.

It’s called HOUSE OF JOY.

So, I quickly called, enquired of the visiting times and discussed what I can or can not do for them keeping in mind their disability and their interests etc.

Now, I had to plan everything in budget, because the money that I earn right now mostly goes in treatment.

After alot of pondering over, I decided to buy them paint brushes and water colour boxes.

‘Though they were mostly handicapped and couldn’t paint like normal people, but with some difficulty if they succeed in doing, it will give them so much of happiness to be able to enjoy colouring and see the result by themselves’, I thought.

And so there I was, in the House of Joy, holding the paints and brushes.

I will be honest with you, the moment I entered and when my eyes had a glance of those people sitting there, some without hands, some without vision, many on wheelchair and others all having some or the other physical disability;

It was so disheartening and scary at the face of it, my hands were shaking and I didn’t know what to speak or do with that lot who can’t move or talk like people whom I normally see.

But I gained some strength, moved ahead, smiled at them and a little boy having down’s syndrome came over to me, held my hand and took me in the middle of all the others who were eagerly waiting to meet this new visitor of their’s;

Yes, exactly like we did as children at the sight of a guest visiting our home.


Now, all my fear went away, when all of them together were raising their hand in order for me to come over and hold it.

They were greeting me the way, we greet a celebrity and that made me solve the puzzle in my head as to why were they so happy on the visit of a person they hardly know;

They hardly have a visitor, their life is so limited in the boundaries of the house of joy and the people working for them.

They aren’t loved, they don’t get to meet new people, eat new things and have new experiences.

And when they saw me, they were expecting all of those from me.

I shook my head and my heart suddenly was filled with a new determination to give them all that they want, then and there.

We distributed the colours, and most of them surprisingly had never seen such a thing in their life, and how would they?

Afterall their life was so limited.

We held their hands, taught them that the brush had to be dipped and then they can draw anything they wish on the paper.

All of them started painting, and there faces soon started turning from confused to delighted at what they saw as an output of their scribbling.

Others seemed very scared, even when they painted beautifully because they didn’t know whether they were doing it the right way.

For a very long time after this, even when I know very little Telugu and they knew little of Hindi or English, still we had a very long chat, they laughed straight from their heart and their sparkling eyes spoke millions of words of gratitude that many of them couldn’t speak because they didn’t have the ability to.

They didn’t want us to go back, I bought them simple kulfis/ice-creams, and they ate it with so much innocence and excitement.

That feeling of seeing them love their life even for that fraction of a day made me feel good and inspired me to keep on doing such acts of kindness and tell this story for the world to know.


If you feel you don’t have money to do them anything, please understand that they don’t need you to shower them with gifts and presents, all they need is to feel your presence, you treating them like they are one among us, and sweetheart they want to be loved in the end!

I hope, I could spread the message of love and kindness and how each one of us can do our tiny part in making the world a better place to live.

Take out some time and give back something to the society because darling you owe alot to the world. 🌻

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