How I fell in love with books!

“She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”
~Annie Dillard

I had read a few books during my school and college days, one here another there but never was I a consistent reader for whom books were a crucial, indispensable part of her life!

Together so happy!

It all started about 1.5 years back when I was on a trip to Odisha, with my friend Vatsala!

Upon telling her about the turbulence that Fibromyalgia diagnosis had brought in my life and how I was struggling to regain a control over it, she suggested me a book called ‘Life is what you make it’ by Preety Shenoy because she thought the story was very similar to what I am experiencing in real life.

Fast forward to after the trip, I ordered the book and read it almost in a few hours shedding ocean of tears and you won’t believe, after reading the book itself I decided to visit NIMHANS to get a second opinion on my illness. That again changed my life in many ways, mainly with the support system that was almost null regarding what I was going through and with something called CBT, where they talk, listen to you and help you form a totally different context around pain, knowing that the disease is incurable.

Read more about the illness here.

And that’s how one after the other I started reading as many books, while travelling, before sleeping, just after getting up. I even have cut off people and drama to a bare minimum because once you start reading you understand what’s important and what’s not.

The child in me with the children’s books

Since then I have completed reading more than hundred books and am also looking forward to a sequel of that book which gave a spark to the bibliophile in me. It’s called #wakeuplifeiscalling;

I have pre-ordered the book which is coming out on the 14th of April!

My life around has changed because of my habit of reading. I now can see those perspectives in things that other people easily miss. I am now more considerate, calm, optimistic, contented and most of all more in love with life now that I read.

I have never even tasted any alcoholic beverage nor do I intend to in future, but I certainly know what #highonbooks means.

Me unable to contain my excitement of being surrounded by infinite books

I go ecstatic upon visiting a huge bookstore or stack of books being sold on the roadside.

I have started collecting bookmarks, updating all the books that I read on Goodreads, bookstagram, booktube and also reviewing many of them here on my website as well.

Bookmarks gifted by a booklover friend of mine

I have met amazing people because of my love for reading. I am an aspiring author of a book that I am writing for quite some time now. It’s going to be a fiction inspired by my own life experiences.

I read, I write and I think.

I don’t know if there is any other possible way of living . 🙂

Exactly what I am talking about.


That was my story of how I became a bibliophile, if you love reading books as well, tell us your story in the comments section!

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Strength and Love 🤗