How important do you consider your health?

You don’t know it’s importance until you have lost it, they say.

Whether you want to or not, you will have to agree that the statement is utterly true.

Amongst too many important things that we take for granted in our lives, your body and it’s role in keeping you rolling over and over endlessly is something we often forget to feel grateful for.

Why should you feel grateful for anything?

I recently read a book by Rhonda Byrne, a wonderful author of the international bestseller ‘The Secret’.

In her book called ‘The Magic’, she explains how being thankful for every tiny thing in your life makes you even more rich and happy than when you are totally unthankful and grumpy all the time!

In her own words,

It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are all negative emotions.

I strongly recommend her books to you, no matter what age, occupation or trouble you are in, her books are extremely realistic and effective unlike so many famous self help written by others.

As I keep telling on all the other blogs of mine, that I was a completely healthy, focussed and bright kid all my life to a point that I hadn’t even experienced a headache ever until of course when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 5 years ago.

Five long years of the journey which began with a simple stomach ache, increased in leaps and bounds and later manifested itself in the form of a rarely understand and hitherto incurable condition called Fibromyalgia.


Now, apart from going out of my way in being positive and determined to not let this monstrous cruel chronic disease take my health and happiness away;

I have never stopped visiting, researching, trying and implementing anything out there that has the slightest possibility of easing the pain.

You say I am strong and brave because of the fact that I don’t choose to give up despite the most unfortunate event that all my symptoms have only been worsening with time and newer worse symptoms getting added to the already existing nightmare that this sweet sounding but horrible horrible disease brings in the patient’s life.

I have registered again this semester, not that I am in a better physical condition. I have done so because after seeing the nature of progressive pain symptoms and failure of medication until now. My days in the near future are going to be even harder. If by pushing myself I be able to complete my 3 semesters that are still left to graduate from college I can at least shuffle between different jobs and go for the more expensive treatment options without being a burden on anyone financially.

That’s what has been my truest of intentions in the beginning of every semester in college, but nonetheless I FAIL!

Not in exams, but in physically being able to attend classes and labs and write eternally long folders and appear consistently for exams.

Here’s a picture that I posted a couple days ago on my Instagram account, while I was in tears crying the entire night away in pain and despair!

Today, I went to donate blood for the second time in my life. My haemoglobin has always been higher than usual. One of the many reasons why people find it hard to believe I am sick. It used to be around 16, years ago. 2 years ago, it was 15 and much higher than what people usually have.

I was more than sure that you know I am going to be eligible to donate but guess what?

My blood pressure was on border low, 70/100. And hb, the physician said was 12.1 only, the bare minimum required to able to donate was 12.5!

I couldn’t believe it, I am someone who always eats properly. Food is something I never ever compromise with, both healthy and junk. But what was it?

Has fibromyalgia been interrupting with these too?

How will I cope up with it when it starts to create various abnormalities in my body!

Also, It came as a huge shock to me when the syringe that he used to prickle my skin with caused almost an electric shock down my body today.

Syringes were something that never caused any problem to me ever. Now they too have started to hurt like anything.

What is fibromyalgia up to in my body after all?

How will it ever go away?

How can I find what is it that causes it?

How can I live a pain-free normal life again?

Why is it that with all the advancement in technology and medical science, doctors still are clueless about this condition?

Will it never go away?

How will I be able to stand on my own feet and be able to give back to the society?

Will I become crippled with the pain seeing the rate with which it’s severity is increasing?

Why are no medicines or treatments working on me?

Will I die?

All these questions with no clear answer.

All this struggle with no positive outcome.

All this beauty in life surrounding me yet I can’t enjoy it because I have lost the one most basic thing needed to live.

I have lost my HEALTH.

People, please be grateful for what you have, take care of the beautiful pain free arms and legs and head and eyes that you have.

Because not everyone is as lucky as you are! πŸ€—

Strength and Love 🐾🐾


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See you soon. 😊😊