How to handle failure during student life?

Another week has passed by so soon, but since it’s vacation time, who cares?

I am sure you would have enjoyed enough and must be geared up to start another new academic year of possibilities, hard work, competitions and most of all handling failures and making your way through success.

Some people do it in one stroke;

Some take a few more!

But what’s the end result?

Everyone ends up getting one or the other job out there and getting started sooner or later!

I know it’s hard to visualise things in the long run while we are students, trying to fit in as best as possible to get that high paying job we want, or that awesome college we want.

But..! But ..! But..!

Let us not forget that each one of us is filled with so much of passion, dedication and will to achieve something extraordinary, isn’t it?

With that in mind, let me tell you an interesting incident from a month ago, when a 20 year old girl came running to me, all sad and depressed, explaining how she has again failed to get a rank, good enough for admission into a top medical college.

It was her third attempt and she had already started to feel like a burden to her family as well as a shame to herself!

She was demotivated and said she felt no energy to begin everything all over again;

She felt that she is good for nothing and she can’t ever do anything meaningful in her life.

Such were the feelings of a student at a tender age of 20.

She was crying in front of me telling how her relatives and colleagues have started to taunt her and make her feel less of herself.

Not that she was poor at studies, it was the cut-throat competition that led her miss the entrance exam, each time by a very small margin.

And that made me think that the problem was not just with her;

The scenario was exactly the same with every student aspiring to clear IAS/PCS, CA, MEDICAL, ENGINEERING or even trying to become an artist, author, lawyer, actor etc.

Are these back to back failures not common to anyone preparing themselves to become what they want to?

Ofcourse, yes..!!!

What should we all do then?

How should we handle the peer pressure and simultaneously motivate ourselves to work harder each time when we encounter a failure?

Here are a few things you can do to push yourself a little further and kickstart the preparation with full power and enthusiasm once again!

1. Wake up early in the morning

I know, each time you hear that, it’s equally irritating. 😂

From your parents at home to a teacher at school, noone ever forgets to mention it!

But how beneficial is it in practice?

I am not a morning person too, but let me tell you very honestly that whenever I have managed to get up early, it has always been a wonderful experience.

I will tell you why!

Our brain is very active after rest, you are fresh and before starting the day, you have already worked on what all to do through that day.

Also other than the satisfying health benefits, there is nobody to disturb you in the morning and you can work for long uninterrupted hours.

Tip:- If you find it hard to sleep early in the night, stop using any electronic device after 10 pm and go to bed with dim lights and no sound.

Also read this blog about how to sleep early if you want to know more.

2. Move one step at a time

Often, in the chaos of what and what not to do, we end up doing alot and achieving nothing.

It’s always advisable to make a rough plan of how you are going to reach the destination, then divide the work in many smaller steps, and take them up one at a time.

Remember to keep moving ahead no matter what happens, because success is a gradual process!

3. The Spark

Whenever I meet school children or those who are preparing for certain exams, I always ask them to write a small note on why they want to achieve something great!

And that’s because everyone of us has got a very special reason to work hard and get what we want.

For some, it can be poverty, for others it also can be a way to achieve freedom.

Interestingly, Most of these notes that I have read mentioned bullying as a reason;

They wanted to achieve so much and show their power to those who used to bully them, and that sounds like a very promising driving force to me!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go write your own note and stick it somewhere close to you so that the spark in you never dies! 😇

4. The worst case scenario

Before starting anything new or challenging, we become very scared and anxious of its results.

We start predicting the future and get scared even more.

But why?

What’s the use of doing that, anyways!

Always try to imagine the worst case scenario, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Even if you fail, there still are infinite opportunities out there and it’s not the end of the world.

So, stop getting so anxious and give your best at whatever you do.

Never leave a scope from your side!

5. Don’t lose track

You need to understand that your consistent efforts over a period of time only will fetch you good results.

Comparison is the end of joy!

Do not get demotivated by comparing yourself to others, keep doing it at your pace and you will soon, make it there too.

Don’t lose track whatsoever, even if you fall down, get back up, straighten your back, because the journey itself is going to make you very tough and strong.

Do not let anything ever stop you, do you hear that?

Because it’s us who limit ourselves, more than the world does!

Take care of your health and by that I mean mental health too, it should come before everything else. 😊


I bring my chronic pain disease, each time I write a motivational blog and that’s because it takes huge amount of effort to be able to get up and do something as small as brushing my teeth or getting up from bed, while being in extreme fatigue and excruciating pain throughout my body 24*7.

It’s an incurable condition, which causes pain of the order even more than that in cancer, and I am certainly not kidding!

Looking at that picture which was taken a few hours ago when I met a friend here in Bangalore, I know you wouldn’t ever believe of me having that kind of pain.

To be honest, I was feeling countless needles being prickled inside my body parts and entire body being beaten up all day long, and I can’t tell you how much of self-motivation and strength it takes to get myself moving every day.

So, the point here is that if I can do it, you can undoubtedly do it too!

You will make it big, I know. 😊

Ending the blog with my favourite quote from student life;

How can you sleep with your two eyes closed, when four eyes of your parents are waiting for your success!

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