How to stay strong when life gives you hard times?

There is a saying which goes;

‘God gives its most difficult battles to his strongest soldiers’.

Difficulties in our life are there for a very important reason.

  • When we are left alone amidst a lot of problems;
  • When we feel stressful and hopeless all the time;
  • When we continuously encounter failures even after many attempts;
  • When we have nothing to feel proud of accept our own self;
  • When we don’t have anyone to depend upon or anybody to help us with;

We have no other option than getting up making ourselves stronger and fighting back all by ourselves to regain happiness and peace in life.

And through this journey of struggle for re-attainment of love, peace and happiness;

Life teaches us lessons which we could have never learnt without having experienced it.

It makes us a kind, composed, happy and a wise person at the end.

Pray that you fall so deep, and rise again to a beautiful world with a beautiful soul.