Life is a miracle once you believe in it.

So many of us, get stuck to a particular incident or a loss for so long that it starts feeling like a big trouble, much bigger than what it really is.

Why do you think we do that?

Maybe, we assume our trouble at hand to be the worst and start self-pitying way too much, possible isn’t it?

I once was severely depressed for about 6 months after finding out that no attempts of mine were helping my health to get better and none of them were even accepting that I had a real chronic condition.

All that the doctors, friends and family used to say was to exercise, forget about it and study, because after all they believed it was all in my head!

It took almost 18 months for my disease to get a real diagnosis, even after which people denied to accept what I had because it was an invisible and never heard about thing.

“Fibromyalgia it is”, I used to say.

“Fibro what?”, was their usual reply.

So what I am trying to tell you here is that, we can never really control what’s going to happen to us, but we for sure, can control how we decide to deal with those mishaps!

I was depressed, in bed, head buried in my pillow all the time, wet with tears, my brain was full of self-denial, body full of unexplained pain and all of it with absolutely no support system.

I should probably die, is what I almost always convinced myself for.

But then again I am still alive, right here in front of you as you can see. 🤗

What do you think, saved me from the black dog and the doomed life that I was living?

I will tell you and I request you to never forget this lesson in life.

It’s you who is going to ultimately take control of your life, understand what’s wrong and take the right step for your own life.

That’s what Swami Vivekananda also said,

“Take the responsibility of your life on your own shoulders and be the creator of your own destiny.”

What I did was realise it’s either me who is going to help myself or none.

Seeing me in that phase, always in bed, never interested in anything, talking pessimistic, eating unhealthy and sleeping all the time, people were talking strange and stupid and false things about me like she is just lazy, she doesn’t want to study, she is an attention seeker, she doesn’t worry about her health and likes of them.

I rose one day from bed, decided I will move out of my comfort zone. I traveled to a few places solo. Made new friends, started watching sitcoms, visiting social gatherings, buying stuff to make myself feel better, hang out a little more and above all I started talking to strangers.

I soon found out that each one of us was actually fighting something or the other in our lives, I realized it wasn’t just me who was getting neglected and misunderstood.

I began helping people in old age homes, orphanages, friends who were depressed, started writing answers on Quora on how to fight depression and in no time, I was not just out of my depression, I had also become a Messiah for hundreds of unknown people on social media who were bombarding my inbox with messages of how my self love philosophy is helping them and how they feel I should write on a bigger scale.

That’s when I started Calm Insights with the help of an amazing person whom I met again on Quora.

Rahul Dogra is the owner of Conflutech, a company that helps design websites, logos and similar stuff. He was moved by my story and wanted to help me build a website.

That’s how I came up with Calm Insights and today it’s not just helping thousands of people derive inspiration but is also a platform for me to spread love and happiness and hope to those who are really suffering.

Life at some points will feel like it’s such a shit, really but sweetheart please hold on there, it doesn’t feel like it, but if we are true in our intentions and if we really believe we deserve it, it does happen.

It has to. 😍

If I could do this amazing thing, if I could bring myself from hell to a life worth living, you my friend can do it too.

Strength and Love.

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