Love, Live and Laugh

Every one of us have reasons to stress ourselves over. ( No Doubt ! )

We see that the persistent Sadness and Regrets and Negative feelings drains us of energy and degrades the quality of our life to a great extent.

Always remember that Difficulties aren’t meant to change us into something else !

They are just a part of our lives, like food and breathe are;

However hard you try, you won’t be able to eliminate every problem from your life, they will be there always.

One can’t avoid it, but then what are we supposed to do?

Face it, yes but not all at once.

Understand, think and solve it bit by bit, slowly, by not letting your mind and health affected.

It will soon be over, things will completely change, and you won’t even remember it in a year or so.

Why to stress over and be harsh on yourself?

Relax my friends, breathe, live and laugh !!

This is the moment, its not gonna stay for long; not tomorrow not the next month but this !!

Love, Live and Laugh.