Don’t come here girl.. You are on your periods!!

Following content might prove to be disturbing to some of you, those who feel girls during their menstruation are the most impure thing in the world, with all due respect, this blog is going to be extremely raw.

Reader’s discretion is advised.

It’s being written in the interest of all females from roughly the age of 15 to the age of 50 who bleed 4-5 days every month on an average!

Not only do they bleed, they undergo moderate to high, painful cramps in the abdomen, thighs, legs, lower back and pelvic region.

During periods, women also feel headaches, anxiety, constipation and fatigue to say the least.

And boy, do we have a choice?

If we choose to get our uterus operated, who will do the task of multiplying the family, isn’t it?

Okay, so we have to undergo this immense amount of pain, fear of revealing a blood stain in public, making sure no one gets to know about it and what else?

Though we have learnt to accept it because if God has given it to women, be it women;

What troubles me most is the fact that women during their menstruation cycle are assumed to be IMPURE!

If you are a girl, we share the pain but if you are a boy, I am going to open your eyes to a completely new world in your own home where this often happens.

I am going to put things as it is without sugar coating any of them.

I hope that’s okay! 😊

So basically, any girl (married, unmarried, widow or whatsoever) on her periods is not allowed to #touchthepickle, enter into the kitchen, enter into a place where we worship God, touch anything that’s new, sit on any bed or couch because it will become impure.

Not just that we aren’t allowed to even touch any part of someone’s body who is going to worship.

Man, and you won’t believe, in more than half of the places in India where I have been, women are expected to wash their entire body from head to toe everyday no matter what amount of pain they are in during their menstrual cycle, till 7 days they are treated like an untouchable.


So much so that, up until we get to know the actual facts through our science books, we truly believe that we indeed are impure.

And it’s such a bad feeling, let me tell you, when you are stopped to touch things or go places in your own home, at that time of the month, when you feel like lying down wherever you want and taking lots of rest.

I am happy to see how education is finally helping people clean their brainwashed minds of the false belief by teaching them how’s and why’s of periods!

Would you like to know too?

Here’s a quick explanation.

Women bleed every month because the lining of blood vessels in the insides of their uterus breaks when it finds no sperm to fertilise it’s egg with, and after it breaks, the blood comes out of the vagina and the cramps occur because of the breaking down of those linings.

Now, do you get it why they don’t bleed during pregnancy?

It’s a natural process, it’s not toxic or bad blood, please understand that.

Well, people, since girls are now being sent out of their homes to study, they don’t really follow any of the superstitions that they are forced to do at their respective homes.

So, it’s kind of a good sign that coming generations will not inherit the shit that earlier generations have been forcing upon us in the name of purity and god and stupidity!

But again, larger fraction of girls and women in India are still uneducated and they have no way to tell right from wrong.

Perhaps they still believe in the useless crap like I used to, before my 10th standard.

Movies like Padman have at least urged people to talk about and buy sanitary napkins.

Guys and girls, it’s my humble request to each one of you, try to break the stigma around it by talking to your little sister, mother, friend and whoever it is, so that they feel normal and spread the good feeling around themselves.

Let’s not keep mum, in a belief that one alone can’t bring the change.

The more we talk, the better we feel!

Thank you so much for bearing me, I know it’s a very delicate topic, but I strongly felt a need to talk about it and hence I did.

Please let out your feelings about the topic and this post in the comment section below, I would love to read them all!

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Strength and Love. 🌻🌻