Mental Health : Still a Taboo ?

As soon as I started writing this, Mr. Stomach compels me to change from the pajama mode on, Do away with scrolling facebook and gulp down some really good food to feel nothing less than, king of my world !

Yes, that’s me, but before I do that, we need to talk about an extremely important topic today!

Each one of us is different in the good and bad encounters, success and failure, love and hatred and all that we go through, in our lives.

Is it possible that, there may be many such experiences in the form of betrayal, emotional abuse or a disability of some kind that we have no idea how it feels?

One such thing is Mental Health, extremely common, yet not often seen being vocal about !

According to WHO, One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

As I said in one of my recent blogs, how losing one’s neurological balance can render them completely dependent on others and that itself explains how much we need to be reasonable and aware about them.

Publilius Syrus, the famous Latin Writer once said;

Good Health and Good Sense are two of Life’s Greatest Blessings.

So many of us do not pay a great deal of attention when it comes to considering Mental Health as an issue worth discussing about.

Like we take physical health so seriously, why not this?

Why do we think a depressed person is lazy or they are stupid or is running away from responsibilities ?

Enough done, allright !

We all need to immediately learn that Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Dementia and the other invisible illnesses are all Real !

Let me tell you today, that there are hundreds of disorders like Panic attacks, Phobia, Pain disorder, Eating disorder, Social anxiety, Mood withdrawal etc.

Just because it’s invisible or the person having it, is so low in self-esteem that they can’t really explain things to you, doesn’t mean it’s all fake.

We assume they are some kind of ignorable offence and will get better by itself or in worst cases, people even think the person suffering is a mentally imbalanced and can’t be cured ever.

But No, this is all Wrong or perhaps lack of health education among us.

It’s very much curable, when you take the patient to a registered psychologist and provide proper treatment through counselling, medication and therapies.

A Mental Disease is as same as having Thyroid or Diabetes or as acute as having Malaria or a Flu. We need to just consider them all the same.

One very successful hospital for Neurological Disorders in India is NIMHANS located in Bangalore.

I hope this helps so many ignored and misunderstood souls among us.

Please be gentle.

Please be patient.

And know that there is a way out !

Stay strong, you beautiful people.

Love and Regards !


Hope you didn’t mind the length of this blog, it’s just that the topic of Mental Health still seems to look like a Taboo and we need to break it.

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