My first ever flight experience

Hello you beautiful people, it’s been almost a month that I haven’t written anything for you all.

The long trip to Nepal, back home and now to my favourite city in India, Bengaluru!

I have finally found some time out to write, and this time I am writing from a very special spot, 35000 feet above sea level.

And, what better topic than the experience itself I thought?

Presenting to you an entire blog on my first ever flight experience;

So tie your seat belts and let’s begin the journey from Patna to Bengaluru on Indigo Airlines at 4 am in the morning.

It was more thrilling than all the travel experiences I have ever had, put together!

Before it began, I knew people always made remarks on the beautiful air hostesses, the magnificent airplane, the sound it makes during takeoff and landing etc.

But let me clear, any of the factors above wasn’t much of a driving force to me.

It was the beautiful view, the realisation of earth being so huge that the meeting point of sun and earth when it was high in the sky, and when sun was rising in the east, just looked like a thin line, rising from orange and melting towards black, the view indeed was mesmerizing.

Those chapters of geography explaning how many light years away Sun is from Earth, the diameter of Earth and that it’s so huge that eventhough it’s spherical in shape, it looks flat, started making sense more than ever.

Flight timing was carefully selected so that my first flight experience be the best;

Oh I can not begin to tell you the transformation taking place one after the other!

It consisted of the nightime view, the sun rising and then the bright sky during daylight.

Since the flight was from Patna to Bengaluru, I was imagining the entire eastern part of India, the cities that must be crossing the plane from below at the speed even greater than that of a blink.

Looking at the clouds after the sun rose enough to see through, I felt as if I am living in one of the fairy lands.
Entire world made of cotton balls and the layers of cotton flowing above each other, like in one of those Children’s TV Series.

When the flight took off, the ground appeared like a sequence of lights or twinkling stars;

But a few moments before landing, the tiny patches of grass land, roads and buildings, all looked so different and arranged unlike how it appears below.

The farmlands the countryside and the cities, everything looked like an endless painting from above!

Despite all the sufferings, wars, animals starving to death, cruelty exploitation, murders;

The sky above looked so calm and so strangely peaceful that for once I thought does that world down below with so many troubles, sickness and sufferings really exist?

And if yes why is it so different here?

The sky was of ofcourse lying.

True said lying is an art and in the present context the sky was portraying the unique art of hiding all the negativities lying below it and showing only what’s so charming, so warm, so mesmerizing about it.

The sky indeed teaches us, how to focus on good things and hide every evil thing as if it doesn’t exist and as if it never existed.

Oh Universe!

How extraordinarily overwhelming you are and how you urge me to travel, see, write and tell so much more.

How I want to be a bird myself and see everything that’s there to see.

Oh world, you are my new love!


All the pictures above was taken by my phone’s camera!

I experienced all the shades in a 2.5 hr flight and hence, any flight during 4 to 6 am is highly recommended you guys!

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