Parents or Partner?

Hey beautiful people, how have you been? 😍

I hope things are fine and even if they aren’t, remember nothing is permanent!

You must definitely be feeling better by now, for you know those bitter-sweet life experiences are just what makes it so beautiful afterall! 💜

Often when a young couple is in love, they find themselves stuck at this dilemma of choosing one between Parents or Partner!

Some go with the former, while others decide to leave their parents behind and stay with their loved ones forever.

Are they right?

Or have they made a mistake?

There can never be a commonly accepted opinion about it, but here is what I feel.

Even if that girl/boy whom you love so much and want to live your entire life with, loves you back too;

Please understand that there can be no comparison between your parents and your partner.

No, not even a small amount!

Those sacrifices they did for you about which you don’t have any faintest idea.

Those infinite moments when without even sparing a second thought they chose your happiness and comfort over every damn thing in the world!

Above all the luxuries they could afford for themselves, they chose you silly!

Do you get it?

However loving and loyal your partner might be;

From carrying you in her womb,

Teaching you that first step,

Taking care of you selflessly while you were hurting them unknowingly,

And going even beyond their limitations, just to make you the happiest and the brightest kid ever!

And all for what?

To have themselves kicked out of their own home by their own child to a place so beautiful at first sight and yet so strange and weird to live in, The old-age homes!

Do you still believe that girlfriend/boyfriend will ever be able to give you all that your parents have already given without even making it obvious?

If you still carry the misconception that your parents don’t deserve you in their old age, please wake up!

If at all, you owe to someone in your life, it’s your mother and father.

They do it all and still don’t ask for anything.

Just look at it, how pure and beautiful that relationship already is;

All you need to do is carry it on with a beautiful smile and a helping hand till their last breath.

They aren’t gonna be there forever, please take care of them.

Be their backbone for a few more years!

And if you really want to compare, let me just ask you a few questions;

Will your partner continue loving you even if you don’t reciprocate the love?

Will he/she keep forgiving you even if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

Will they not leave you if you stop giving them your time for months?

Will they still be there for you, in all the above cases?

They won’t, but your parents will, without being judgemental!

The concept of break-up or divorce doesn’t exist between the relation of you and your parents!

Let them know that you understand what all they have done for you and you are ready to be by their side whenever they need you.


I have visited a few old age homes and came across their stories while in conversation with them.

This article is inspired by a true life incidence, where a girl and a boy after being married scolded and sent away their parents because they felt that old and weak couple didn’t do anything for them.

My heart just breaks at it and hence this entire blog is dedicated to how parents deserve the kind of love and respect from their children like noone else.

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