Puppets of buttons

We are in the age of buttons. Where building connections in person is diminishing.

Everything can start and end with a button.

Moments of friendship can slip into a state of coma at the click of button.

Doors of heart can be opened and closed at a click.

Confrontations can happen hiding behind a screen.

Anyone or anything can be blocked or unblocked in a click, with no reasons of explanation.

Moments, minutes, weeks, or years can be reduced to nothing by buttons.

Friends now are stranger next moment – all merely puppets of buttons.

It has become easier to escape, and even more difficult to talk it out in person.

The human value connections is seemingly lost, although it has its positives in this chasing world time.

I believe everyone has started feeling disconnected with these mechanical connections.

Aren’t we capable of sharing a part of us irrespective of our individual capacity??

A few deep breaths and somehow my heart whispers , we always have something to share with other souls from our infinite selves in this limited lifetime.

– A Guest Post by Kritagya Dahal 😊