The 15 day long Tour to Nepal!

Oh hello you beauties, what are you upto and how is life?

I guess I am ready to finally present to you the Nepal Blog.


After coming back from Gwalior, the immediate next day i.e on 19th May, I left for Kathmandu with my parents; Came back on 4th June from the trip but it took me around 15 days to get settled and be able to write a bit of the amazing time that I had in the birthplace of my mom.

Yes, she was born and brought up in Nepal, and that’s why we could stay, travel, eat and have such a beautiful time there without having to worry about the hotel charges and the language problem at all!

You are right, she is the one standing with the most inspiring person in my life, my father. As a matter of fact, I am on the way to write a biography on his life full of ups and downs and how he dealt with them all.

1. Sanga, Nepal

The picture above of my parents was taken by me at this beautiful place located in the very lap of nature called Sanga in Nepal, where stood this world’s tallest statue of Lord Shiva!

Yes, I couldn’t believe it either..

Not many who have visited Nepal already, must be knowing of this because it’s not located at an easily accessible place.

But I bet the fresh Pau( a typical delicious sweet and sour candy found only in Nepal ), available here are in no match to those found elsewhere in Nepal.

2. Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

I don’t think this place needs any description as it’s one of the rare temples throughout the world listed on world heritage site.

Photoes weren’t allowed inside but it was extraordinarily beautiful;

The huge Nandi made entirely of Gold and the entire dome made in the ways of Nepali architecture were mesmerizing.

And talking of that reminds me of showing you how beautiful the Nepali architecture actually is;

Wait for it! 😉

3. Bhaktpur, Nepal

Have you watched the Superhit movie by Akshay Kumar called BABY, the prequel of which was called NAAM SHABANA?

I have watched it many times over and over, because it’s one of those rare work of Bollywood which stays in the minds of people for decades.

The movie was shot here in Nepal at this very place called Bhaktpur.

That’s called Durbar Square and now you see why I was talking highly about the architecture here.

That tiny thing in the middle is me and, I really fall short of words in explaining to you how magnificent and royal these temples were.

I took innumerable pictures and stayed at the top of one of such buildings for hours where the cool air passing by, the birds and the sanctity of the place was making me feel so blessed altogether.

And look how beautiful such temples can become in Nepal with birds all over!

4. Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu

That picture above where I am trying to chase a pigeon is taken at this beautiful place located in the centre of Kathmandu, famous both as a tourist spot and as the biggest marketplace of Kathmandu called Aasan Bazaar, you get amazing shoes, clothes, electronic gadgets and street food at the most reasonable prices ever.

But sadly in the 2015 Earthquake that hit Nepal, more than half of these sculptures were thrashed into nothingness.

Don’t worry, just ask the driver to drop you at Veer Aspatal and you will be there! 😊

Also let me introduce a very sacred necklace for Nepali Ladies, almost a sign of them being married called Pote.

This is how they look and this picture was taken at a place in Aasan Bazaar called Pote gali, you will find these colourful things all over in every direction you turn, such a beauty isn’t it?

5. Doleshwar Mahadev Temple, Nepal

It’s said that, one half of Shiva’s body before he went to the Kailash Parvat was left at Kedarnath, which is considered to be among one of the four important Dham in Hinduism and the other was left here in Nepal and is known as Doleshwar Mahadev.

Again this is a temple located very far from the city and not many know of it, so if your religious parents ever visit Nepal, let them know of it without fail. Alright?

Those people in the picture are the devotees I made friends with while at the temple. 😍

6. Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu

This is an age old hotel of International standards in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Since childhood I have been here several times, not to stay but to watch the elders of my family play casino and win buffet coupons for the family.

But this time it was different, I proudly went with my father, played, won and came back. 😎

It’s located very much in the city and is one of the best hotels Nepal has got, together with the Hyatt Regency.

7. Swayambhu, Kathmandu

This is another very beautiful buddhist temple located in Kathmandu at a height from which its said that you can see entire kathmandu.

It’s a must go place while you are in Nepal.

8. Pharping, Nepal

Pharping is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains, ponds and is an inhabitant of the famous Newari community.

As you can see I am standing amidst a beautiful scenery and eating fresh raddish from the terrace farms of the mountains.

The famous Dakshin Kali Temple is also located in Pharping.

9. Dhagpo Sheydrub Ling Monastery, Nepal

It’s a Buddhist temple and monastery, located in the beautiful high mountains of Himalaya region.

Buddhism attracts me alot, I have read books on Budhha and his principles, and that made me talk with the Lama, in the rightmost side of the picture below.

He explained to me about the loving gods, the messengers of Budhha and about the pictures that showed life and death cycles inside the temple.

10. Momos of Nepal

Momos to Nepal is what Litti Chokha is to Bihar.

These delicious and soft Momos available in variety of stuffings other than the plain chicken and vegetables that we usually get in India are worth going there for.

Also talking of food and considering the fact that I am a foodie, let me tell you the soft and buttery donuts that you get in Kathmandu is something you can never get anywhere in India, I used to have them everyday while in Nepal.

A proud foodie indeed, no matter how much my siblings tease me of getting fatter each day, which I am actually getting, my love for food just doesn’t go away! 😋


Someone asked me while I was in Nepal that they were planning to visit the country and how long should they plan so that they visit all the places?

My answer was atleast a month, though Nepal may seem like a very small country, but to fully understand and get into the culture, food and places that it has to offer, you actually need a very good amount of time.

The trip was amazing but ofcourse I am yet to experience the adventurous trek near Pokharan, visit Manakamna, Mukti Dham etc.

Travel again I say shouldn’t be done to put things out of your bucket list, but to learn, understand and appreciate the beauty of life even more.

See you soon people! 😊

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