The 3 am musings!

‘Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.

Even the most notorious of us wouldn’t have failed to byheart those lines in the kindergarten and why won’t we?

Afterall that rhyme was probably the favourite of every teacher, parent and grandparents ever. 😂


If only we could go back and live through those bright and care-free days again.

Oh and talking about time, how fast it feels we have grown up and entered into adulthood which is all about haphazardness, troubles, struggle and survival!

And one of those struggles is not being able to sleep for as late as 3 am in the morning.

If you are an insomniac too, you will understand the pain, but if not, let me just explain you what goes through the mind of the night owls out there;

Best time to get sound sleep according to the experts is from 11 pm to 5 am.

But let’s take a practical scenario where mostly everyone tends to sleep by 12 am, and wakes up at around 7 am, in normal working days.

Here is roughly what happens;

12 am- Most of us march towards bed, lights turned off and ready to sleep.

12:15 am- Half of us are asleep, and the other half still struggling.

12:30 am- Among those who are awake, a few are still determinate to sleep, others couldn’t resist but crawl towards their phone and are stuck with it probably chatting or a game or never ending Facebook, Instagram scrolling.

12:45 am- Those with phone realised they have to get up early for work and they get rid of the phone, bury themselves deep in bed and fell asleep in no time.

1 am- Twisting and turning, yet failing to fall asleep. Checking time, realising others are all asleep and trying even harder.

And here comes the twist!

Unable to sleep, they start feeling sad about it, they check their phone.

They get up, wash their face, switch on the reading light, open their laptop or a book or a tab and start working, but could they continue?

NO, because it’s wrong time of the day, they neither have the energy nor the concentration required.

They shut everything down, clock just striked 2, they go to bed, try to sleep again!

It’s 2:30, no sleep, body aches of exhaustion, thoughts start piling up, stress takes control.

Anxiety, panick, headache, body ache, confusion, sadness, fear, fatigue…

You name it, it’s there.

Karma is a bitch and so is Insomnia!

There are many underlying causes of Insomnia.

The radiations emitting out of any electronic device from laptop to mobile phones at bedtime affect the melatonin production giving your body an impression that you aren’t ready for sleep.

And sadly many of us fail to realise that, we keep ourselves stuck with phone until it’s too late.

The habit of drinking more water in night to compensate for the day disturbs your sleep too.

Afternoon naps, too much work just before bedtime, caffeine intake and having irregular sleep timings are a few more things you can avoid to get your beauty sleep back.

Make sure you keep your bed exclusively for sleep and do every other task on a table or on a mat.

A glass of lukewarm milk just before bedtime helps if you can get it arranged.

Clean bed, moderate temperature, minimum light and good quality of mattress and pillow are also very important.

And last but not the least, please understand that if insomnia continues to be a problem even after making sure you are doing everything right, go and consult a good therapist.

I hope you will be able to restore your sleep and those of your friends by inculcating some of the above in your life.

Strength and Love 💙💚💜


The many struggles that Fibromyalgia brought in my life, a tiny one of them was Insomnia too, and that’s where I derive the learnings for this blog.

As a chronic pain warrior, I have had extremely bad days of pain and no sleep to the point that I have cried out loud at 4 am for many many months.

I now am on a sleeping pill prescribed by my doctors and therapy, yoga, positive attitude and hope, all of that keeps me going.

Faith, hard work, patience and support helps conquer even the greatest of all problems in world!

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