The Mysterious girl and her Father!

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Those who know me or have met me at some point will tell you how much I like to talk and listen to the stories that people have to offer;

Immersed completely and flowlessly in them, only to find later that I am filled with multiple emotions, a greater understanding of life and an urge to keep on the legacy of story telling and more so when the stories are real.

The one I am going to tell you today is one such heart-wrenching story that I witnessed earlier this year.

It was one summer afternoon during my stay in NIMHANS as an inpatient;

I was quietly reading a book by the window on my side of a double seater room when I heard a girl screaming loudly out in the corridor.

The voice started getting closer and closer and I jumped off to know what was happening when suddenly I saw something very strange happening in the other part of my room, the one closer to door.

The girl who was screaming out loud seemed to be in 20s, and was emerging from behind the door;

Large eyes, round face, long black hair but all clubbed together very clumsily as if she was running short of time before arriving here.

She was uttering a sequence of words that I guessed to be Bengali, while her father was trying to drag her inside my room, kept his luggage and pulled the girl on the bed, but by now she was even more violent and resisting every move of her father’s with great strength.

Now my focus shifted towards her father, a middle aged, decent looking man, who was wearing an old fashioned spectacles over his dull, sunken eyes!

Both the father and the daughter looked very fatigued as though they have travelled for long before reaching here, so I decided to leave them and get back to my earlier spot for now.

Surprisingly after a while, the room again became quiet and I heard no more of crying and shouting from the newcomers.

NIMHANS is Asia’s best hospital for mental health and neurological sciences, famous worldwide for the extraordinary care and wonderful doctors.

I stayed there for a period of 15 days for my own treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Every evening, the respective team of doctors assigned to each patient come to visit them in their room and spend as much time as the patient needs.

Hardly in a day after the girl’s arrival, the reason for her shouting and crying became clear to me, and I can’t describe how sad it made me to see her sitting there talking to herself, sometimes crying and at others, laughing out loud.

She had lost her mental balance a day after she came back from college.

Her father immediately took her to the hospitals nearby but upon seeing no response and his poor girl suffering so much, he decided to bring her to NIMHANS.

That was all I came to know from other patients and their parents but then the same evening I decided to talk to her father when she was sleeping;

He looked so much older than he really was and while he was talking to me, I could see tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

He explained to me, how his only child, the one who was in deep sleep now, lost her mother at a very early age, she then lost her grandfather who was very close to her an year ago.

Though she never mentioned any pain to her father, but the sequence of tragic incidents had ofcourse lead to her losing mental balance.

Her father suddenly with a spark in his eyes, told me, “Beta, she was very studious, beautiful, and she used to take care of the family so well, exactly like her mother did”.

“I don’t know how to handle her, handling a girl for a father is so much different, I don’t know what to do, how to keep myself strong” he added.

He said it’s been a month that his daughter had lost her mental stability and I was shocked to know that she doesn’t even get the sensation to urinate etc. and while her father cleans it all, she behaves like a little kid, who doesn’t know what’s happening.

This time I cried, seeing how much a father can indeed do just to see his girl alright.

Now came the part which I never thought someone can endure ever in real.

This girl could no longer eat, brush, take bath or do anything by herself.

Her father used to wake up early in the morning, take her for morning rituals, wash her body, change her clothes, comb her hair, feed her food and all day hold her hand tight to avoid her running and escaping somewhere;

And I was there in the same room seeing him do all of it with utmost love and no sign of embarassment in his eyes.

Every day I used to see him do all her errands, never worrying, what people might think and never misbehaving with his daughter, no matter what she did, but of course she wasn’t aware of what she was doing.

In one such incident, I saw her running towards a high bench in the garden, when her father was running after her to stop her do anything or talk to strangers because they may feel scared.

The girl went to a man, slapped him and then started laughing.

At another, she escaped from the room, when her father went into sleep, and she was dancing and singing in the corridor like a little girl but all that ofcourse, seems vague and stupid on a girl my age.

Her father became red with embarrassment, apologised, pulled her by hand back to the room, kept her head in his lap and sang a lullaby to make her fall asleep.

I was then awestruck at how unconditional love, can actually be.

And please don’t get me wrong, the love between a boy and a girl, nowadays termed unconditional by themselves, is nothing close to what love really is.

In the world full of people killing each other for a partner, or cheating on them, beating each other, getting divorced on silly matters, this incident shook me from top to bottom.

I will, never be able to forget such a beautiful example of true and unconditional love ever in my life.

Such was this incredible father-daughter bond, unbreakable and unshakeable no matter what!


The girl’s name can not be disclosed, but she was from West Bengal and when I went back to the hospital last month for my followup, I came to know that she was now doing better with the help of treatment, but her father had lost most of his belongings and he was even robbed in the train when he took his daughter to the washroom.

It still must be so difficult for him, but hats off to the man’s devotion.

May there be more and more people like him.

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