The only solution to eradicate rape culture in India!

News of back to back rape cases just in a week with little girls, is immensely disturbing.

In the land of Values and Wisdom, are we heading towards becoming the rape country of the world?

Just because the victim isn’t you or your loved one, will you not do anything?

Will you keep mum and let this happen?

We are the youth of today, we hold the power to change anything if we all become determined to do it.

Going on a rally will only create awareness, media is doing it already on a very large scale, we don’t want that!

We want a change in law.

A very strong law, not just a death sentence or them getting executed.

I want every monster out there who has done this, to get his penis cut, be thrown in a dungeon, and let them be eaten by wild rats while he is alive.

Let him die the most cruel death ever. He will then know how painful the act really is.

After seeing those rapists dying this kind of death;

People will even shiver to think about touching a girl without her permission, for they know they will also undergo the same treatment.

Let us all from every city, district, town, every corner in India, come out of our places on the road, block every government office and not let any bus, car, auto or train run.

A change even in history wasn’t achieved just by going for a rally or signing a petition.

It was achieved by a revolutionary act. We need a revolution, right now!

Let us all March on the road, same day, each one of us.

We have to come together and do something so that the government finally notices and is left with no option but to enact a strong law.

We are more powerful than the government, they are just a bunch, we are 121 crore.

Please share it on all social media as much as possible!

There is no shame in raising voice against cruelty.

It’s a need of the hour that we the youth of our country, together come forward and take action!

Comment below if you support me and let’s together bring about the change before someone of your family becomes a victim.

#rape #murder #revolution