The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath: Book Review

There are many young people who inspire us through the bold, unsure and rare path that they decide to take.

Shivya, the author of this book, by quitting her job in Singapore, selling most of her belongings and setting herself on the roads, solo with no home to go back to, she indeed is an inspiration to most of us today who are stuck in the cubicle bound 9-5 jobs.

Back Cover of the book

“The longer we remain in the place we don’t belong, the harder it becomes to break free” says Shivya in the books where she shares her story from childhood to what made her decide against what everyone was doing.

Her decision to go vegan and her fears arising out of bad experiences while travelling and how travelling itself liberated her in the end are awe-inspiring.

She is not just travelling, but supporting many eco friendly choices, plastic-free consumption and you won’t believe when I received the copy of the book, I was infuriated because of the dark pages and bad quality of the book but turned out, they used FSC, recycled paper for her paperback books and boy how amazing is that!

A page from the book

Travelling helps us release the long sublimed negative feelings and helps understand ourselves better.

“Feelings like hatred jealousy and arrogance. Feelings that often control us and our actions and play havoc with our happiness. They all dissolve when you are on your own, taking one step after the other, seeing the world from a different unbiased angle.”

To explore her work and life, visit her blog called The Shooting Star and you can also follow her on various social media handles, not promoting just letting you know because her posts are very resourceful unlike the actors and memes that you follow.

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