The truth of suffering from Fibromyalgia in India!

Hey you beautiful, brilliant people out there!

It’s been such a long gap between my last blog to this;

Owing to simultaneous treatment sessions and having to travel back and forth from College to Bangalore in order to complete my undergraduate degree from NIT Warangal!

A photograph of me with a book called, Kiss that Frog by Brian Tracy.

So many things have happened in a short span of time, I found myself preoccupied with work, books, traveling, exams and loads of physical and emotional pain.

Of course noone is living a goody goody life full of adventures and peace, everyone experiences their fair share of problems in life and I highly appreciate how we strive to brave them all and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

But, there is a slightly different scenario with people suffering from an invisible illness in India.

India because, I stay here and I know how it is!

If you are a consistent reader of my blogs, I am sure you know who I am, but if you are reading my blog for the first time, let me just introduce myself in the minimum possible set of words.

I am a 23 year old undergrad engineering student. I love books, dogs and life especially!

Almost 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with an invisible incurable musculoskeletal disorder called Fibromyalgia. It causes extreme pain of very high order in every inch of your body 24*7 without any apparent cause or cure.

I have tried lots of treatment options in the meantime with absolutely no success whatsoever.

What an invisible illness can look like.

My doctors having run out of options in medication lately, have decided to put me on a 4 week trial of rTMS, which in a layman’s terms is Magnetic Stimulation given to our brains through a particular machine in order to correct the nerve pathways that are responsible to trigger pain.

I hope I haven’t just scared you there with all the difficult terminology but, the important fact is that there are endless options to keep trying until you find something that works for you.

And that’s pretty much what I have been doing since last 5 years and intend to do in the years to come.

Is it so difficult then?

Hell, yes it is!

Because pain is something that can throw you off track whenever you experience it. A certain burning sensation or a needle prick can make people go in a state of whirl. Now imagine someone having to experience 1000 knives being stabbed in their body at a time

Waking up with no restorative sleep, feeling like being beaten with rods and carrying the weight of an elephant all the time.

Feeling like having a bad flu 24*7.

That’s a little picture of what I or anyone suffering from this horrible monster of a disease, go through.

What about the invisible part of it?

It’s so hard to get the kind of support that a diabetic patient gets, or a cancer patient or even for example someone having high fever and sore throat.


Because despite experiencing intense pain and discomfort there is no straight forward diagnosis, no awareness among common people, no understanding, no cure and no emotional support because;

Hey, I look apparently normal quote unquote!

Of course in India, the largest amount of awareness can be raised either when a celebrity suffers from it and decides to go vocal about it, at the same time.

Or.. If a movie is made on it which casts some very famous actors because come on, how many of you actually watch those movies without a famous actor starring in it?

What can be done then?

There is nothing that can be done apart from not being ‘judgemental’

1. When someone chooses to say no to your fun outings.

2. When they eat a lot and not go on a diet despite being overweight.

3. They don’t study and come to classes as often as you.

4. They don’t talk so much.

5. They cry and refrain from telling you why.

6. They see a psychiatrist.

7. They ask for help.

8. They don’t look sick.

9. They don’t work hard.

10. They think of committing suicides or have attempted in the past.

11. They suffer from anxiety and depression.

12. They stay awake all night.

13. They are physically or mentally disabled.

14. They take too many leaves.

15. They don’t perform as good.

Why should you not be judgemental and try to be kind with everyone around?

Because you never know their reasons for being the way they are.

You never know what they are going through on daily basis.

And buddy, you never know what kind of mental and physical effort it takes for some people just to get up, brush their teeth and live through each day in pain, with all their body parts intact.

My little reading nook!

Live gently and spread love.

Life will treat you equally gently.

Shout-out to all who have or are suffering from any kind of mental or physical invisible illness.

You are strong, you are a warrior and the world is proud of you. 🦋

Strength and Love 💙


I choose to be vocal about my illness both to raise awareness and to voice not just my opinion but of thousands of other people who suffer similarly but can’t reach out to you for some reason.

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See you super soon with another blog.

Take care, stay safe and warm and happy. 😊💕