The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga: Book Review

The White Tiger, what an awesome name for a book which has nothing to do with any tiger!

Before you know, what the story is all about, let me first tell you that this fiction story is the best I have ever read by any Indian author till date.

I repeat, BEST!

It’s Aravind Adiga’s debut book and it being a winner of The Man Booker Prize proves the fact precisely enough;

Can you imagine, first ever writing getting a recognition for which many authors crave for in their careers!

Balram Halwai, a certain boy coming from a very poor family in a dark, ignored village near Dhanbad sees it all in his lifetime.

From having to drop out of school to support his family in earning one square meal a day to doing a job of breaking down coal pieces, to grabbing a much better job as a driver in the city of Dhanbad. He makes it by being both brave and honest in his work.

What makes him kill his own master after years of his faithful service is a mystery that unfolds towards the very end of the book.

The story isn’t just that, he actually goes on to start his own company in Bangalore and earn a very good life but what’s the price for it?

The tossing and turning of events are all driven by corruption, his master’s, other servants, police, politicians and how in the end the dirt creeps inside him too.

But what’s amazing about this particular storytelling is that, you won’t even feel that he made any mistake by committing that crime.

The plot and feel of the entire story is a little similar to that of Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat, which is the only good book, Bhagat has ever written!

To me it was an eye-opener of our India, how corruption spreads from a very small scale to large. I loved this book in it’s narrative style, the innocence with which it’s written and yet how big a topic it deals with during the entire time.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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