The Worst Loss

We and those around us, keep complaining about our bad phases in life, the difficulties, hardships, failures and how unblessed we feel about being less privileged than others at times.

No doubt, everyone of us has to tackle some or the other problems in life for sure.

Few of them are big and few others are small;

For few, their problems get better by their own efforts in no time;

For many others, time does the job of healing;

But there are also few, whose problems remains the same and even gets more and more with time, however hard they try. They are the people who get depressed and sad, remain unhappy and feel unworthy always.

These problems of people in their life can be in any form like;

Relations with Family, Failure at Work or Study, Chronic Health problems of oneself or their family members, Financial Crisis, Marital problems and there are countless many.

But what do you think is The Worst Loss one can suffer from among all the sufferings that we have seen or experienced in life?

Its the Loss of one’s own Power of Mind; in the form of Nervous Breakdown or any Mental Disorder.


However big or stubborn our problem be, we always have an option of giving ourselves and our life a second chance after every episode of crying out due to the feeling of unworthiness, sadism and depression.

And even the worst of all the difficulties can be healed with the power of our own mind. When our Minds are under control, that is more than enough to go from any valley to the peak, to achieve anything you want, to overcome any kind of disease in the world whatsoever.

There is Famous Book on Power of Mind which says, “Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass. Believe in good fortune, divine guidance, right action, and all the blessings of life. Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and your subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking”.

It even works wonderfully in real too, but not to those who have no control on their minds and its capacity to revolutionize anything and everything.

I pray to God, that he gives any kind of worst problems to us but not the Mental Breakdown, because it renders someone completely dependent on others and ruins their own life completely.