Things You can Do to Help Someone in Depression


When your Body falls sick, you go to a Doctor for getting it Checked; If any part found diseased, you get its Treatment in the form of Medication and Rest.

Mental Health, Why not the same way?

Because everyone will think you are psychotic or unbalanced?

Know that your Brain is the most Vital organ of your Body.

Mind ( Its soul ! ) entirely controls your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions.

And once it gets Diseased: your Behaviour, Physical Health, Energy and Efficiency at Work, Everything gets Affected Drastically.

So Yes !! Mental Health is a thing and if not taken seriously, sometimes circumstances change to a stage where you can’t redo things even if you want to. 

Depression is very common now-a-days more because of the uneven competitive environment, pressure of not being able to do what others expect of us and necessities such as focus, hard work and effort to be able to keep in par with the fast growing world. Many kill themselves for the lack of emotional and other support around them.

The Condition demands attention !! It is very easy to hide and so is hard to recognise and help the sufferers. It might be killing someone very bad from inside and you may not have a Single Idea about it.

Here are a Few Tips on Handling and Helping Someone who is Depressed !

  1. You shouldn’t ever tell a depressed person to be strong or its easy and they are just taking loads of stress. They are Depressed probably because of having tried million times and still seeing no Hope.
  2. You should never tell them to get out of their comfort zone and start working instead of sitting and thinking all day. It will just worsen the condition, and make them feel pathetic about themselves.
  3. Don’t just tell them to do something else and distract mind off the thing that has been killing them, its not just a Thing ! A depressed person’s mind is occupied with thousand kinds of thoughts and fears.
  4. Instead Go to them, take them out, help them get distracted in a manner that they actually feel off-burden and calm.
  5. Keep visiting them frequently so that they don’t feel blank and lonely. Encourage others to meet and make their lives better too, not by dictating things but by actually doing it.
  6. Try and understand what’s going through their minds, Try to be positive and helpful rather than pre-assuming things and talking without actually listening to him/her.

One can make them feel better by telling them things such as:-

  • Take a break, do things that you want, spend some quality time with yourself and relax for a while. Like your Body needs Rest, the same way your Mind needs Rest when in distress.
  • Even if they don’t do things for this moment, nothing will change, they need to relax and do things to make them feel better and at ease.
  • That you are always there for them, no matter how bad or good the circumstances be, you are there to listen to them, to help them in whatever way they desire.
  • It isn’t permanent and when trying to solve bit by bit a time, things will become all-right soon.
  • That they aren’t weak and inferior, it’s just the time and circumstances.
  • Life puts challenges in front of Everyone; some Small and some Big. But only after overcoming these Challenges, we become great personalities and role-models for many !

       God helps those who help themselves !