Things I did as a traveller in Sambalpur

Tell me the place and time, and I will be ready with my bag in no time.

That’s how I am.. 😁

Other than the variety of food and places, I personally love talking to people, getting to know about varied Indian culture and Lifestyle !

One of my recent trips was to Sambalpur, the largest and oldest city in the beautiful state of Odisha.

You ask me, why an entire blog about a city in Odisha and that too not about Bhubaneswar, it’s capital?

Great question !

If you haven’t heard already about things Sambalpur is famous for, let’s see..

Sambalpuri Dance.

Sambalpuri Songs.

Sambalpuri Food.

Sambalpuri Dialect. ( It’s different from the Odia used in other parts of Odisha )

All of that is different from the typical Odia food and songs and dance and everything else you can imagine.

Sambalpur is a very small, sweet but beautiful city on it’s own.

Let’s see what I explored as a Traveller in this Old but Famous city of Odisha.


I still can’t pronounce it the right way, but hey, I bet you haven’t ever had something like this in your lifetime. It’s a typical Odia food, made with cooked rice left overnight soaked in water and served with super-delicious dishes like fried fish, chips, fried spicy veggies and lots of chillies..

Deer Park

It’s a small and beautiful park for an evening get away.

People of Sambalpur also find it the most calm and peaceful place for morning walks.

Must visit if you want to see a deer this close ! 😉

Hirakud Dam

The largest Dam in India, yes it’s the same one, located just 15 kms away from Sambalpur.

I was awestruck after seeing the beautiful view of this never ending dam over the, entirely blue Mahanadi River.

Have a look.

Also we went on a bike ride to this place, in the scorching heat of Sambalpur, it was difficult but worth it.

We also posed on the hilly terrain near Gandhi Minar from where the picture above was taken.

Leaning Temple of Huma

This temple is one of the only two leaning temples in the world. It’s an ancient Shiva temple on the bank of Mahanadi River.

The water was freezing cold even in the hot summers.

They say, ” Journey is more beautiful than the destination “.

In this case it was undoubtedly true.

We got to steal, eat, pack and run away with as many mangoes, on the way to Huma temple.

The road on both sides was filled with trees laden with many ripe mangoes.

This was just a bit of all that I experienced while in Sambalpur !

Did I tell you about the delicious samosa vada in breakfast and about the shiv Parvati festival and about how sweet people there are ?

There is alot more to tell and I am sure you will let me know whether you liked this tiny travel blog of mine.

Soon after I came back from Sambalpur, I planned another trip to Puri and Bhubaneswar and I absolutely loved these places.

I am still in love with the innocent, sweet people of Odisha, the calmness of air, the delicious food and many other things.

I also am saddened each time by the extreme poverty that I witnessed there in both my visits.

I wish we can all think of things to help alleviate the poverty.

Do not forget to share this with your Odia Friends, and keep travelling you beautiful people ! 😍😍