Ways to grow during Isolation and turn it in your favor – Calm Insights

Hey beautiful people!

So much has happened so soon, before we the people of India, could wrap our heads around the spread of Covid-19;

We were informed of the 21 day complete lockdown and since then, we are tossing and turning, trying and failing to understand almost everything happening out there and the whole different stance our lives have taken.

Not knowing what to do and least of all how to make use of this period, anxiety and worry are making home inside a lot of us and before things completely go tumbling down the road, let’s quickly talk about some of the ways in which I am making use of this lockdown and hopefully you can too.

1. Clean and Repair

Whether you are stuck at your flat or your own home, there always are things that you need to mend and repair but you don’t for some reason. Stitch that button on your shirt, do your laundry, clean the fridge, oven, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, cupboards and backyard etc

Go through all the stuff that you own and try to give away most things that you’ve not laid hands on in the last couple years. They might be of some use to other people. The idea is to practice minimalism and finish off long pending works that you otherwise don’t get the time for.

You can also clean up your phone and electronic devices, it’s apps and browsers, media and storage of all the junk data. Helping your mother in the kitchen or in cleaning up different parts of the house at a time is one way to not just help but spend more time with her, know more about her childhood, things that she likes and about her mental and emotional health. Mothers usually are the most selfless and exploited creatures on the planet.

2. Declutter your mind

Our minds are a storehouse of not just our ability to think and analyse, but also of all the worries, stress and ruminations that indirectly control all the areas of our lives.

One way to declutter all the chaos that’s being played out in the background is sitting with your thoughts and contemplating.

Take a pen and a diary. Note down all the cause of worries in the form of a list. When they are all put on paper, try and categorise them under worries that you can do something about and those that you can’t. Later, make a detailed plan of action of how and what exactly are you going to do to tackle each one of them.

In different such seatings, you can choose to list down things you are grateful for, your short term and long term goals under areas such as relationship, career, hobbies, family, health etc. Putting your thoughts down regularly and financial planning of the year ahead can help put your life in perspective and lessen your anxieties.

3. Read books

I know it’s been said before but I am saying it again because it’s important that you read, update yourself, learn and grow every single day.

No matter how much you know, earn or which career you pursue, reading always holds the capacity to take you several steps ahead of where you are in life.

The one I am currently reading!

Apps such as Kindle, Any book, Audible and websites such as Lib Gen are there to help you navigate your way for ecopies of the books you want to read or listen to. You might also find free audio copies of hundreds of old classics on YouTube.

You can ofcourse always grab a paperback with a hot steaming cup of coffee, sit in a comfortable corner of the house and read your way through life into eternity.

Woah! And I just realised how orgasmic that sounds. 📚

4. Listen to your body

In the endless pursuit of pleasure and success, we forget to take care of the very bodies that keep us upright, fuel our energy and that which enables us to navigate through life. We don’t pay attention until when we are doomed to go and visit a doctor on arrival of some irreversible chronic disorder such as depression, diabetes, migraines, back pain etc.

So let’s change that for once. Start meditating, doing breathing exercises, stretching, working out, walking, tuning in and introspecting, eating a balanced diet, correcting your sleep pattern, getting long hours of healthy uninterrupted sleep and getting your daily dose of love and laughter!

5. Feel, Create and Express

Different people have different ways of expressing their feelings, some do it by directly connecting with their loved ones, others like me might do it via writing, some by cooking and a few others by painting or creating craft.

But regardless of our ways, the sole idea here is to connect and express with the outer world that which we feel on the inside.

Gardening, cooking, writing poetries, star gazing, talking your heart out with your loved ones, painting, decorating, sketching, helping other people, teaching, doing craft, knitting and doodling are some of the ways to not only create but also feel worthy in lonely times like these.

There are other things ofcourse that you can do and all of the above might not be applicable in your case, so remember it’s okay to pick whatever is and start where you are with what you can. I wish this trying and difficult time passes soon and all of us be able to get back to our lives safe.

See you on the other side of this. Until then hold on, do whatever it takes to get through your days and know that this too shall pass!


A lot of you have been trying to reach out to me regarding your mental health queries and I am sorry that I have to be unavailable for the sake of my own health, it’s advised by my doctors to stay as away from things that drain me of my energy as possible.

I feel unfortunate for my inability to help right now but know that having your mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, OCD etc get triggered is very natural and common. You can still either reach out to your doctors or this number if you need suggestions and help!

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Please take care, stay safe and if you need any kind of help do let me know in the comments section below!

Strength and Love 💙