What inspires me to go on despite being in pain?

Hey you beautiful people!

Hope you are all well, spent your holidays wisely and all geared up to begin your work once more.

Life is a difficult test sometimes and the quality of your life very much depends on your performance in the tests.

Metaphorically, of course!

Either you fight back and win over the circumstances eventually, or give in to it only to end up being miserable all your life.

It all rests on how you choose to lead your life, after all!

As you sow, so you reap.

In the same line, let me tell you an incidence from not farther than my own life.

I met with this painful tragedy of my life in the year 2014;

Fibromyalgia, the chronic pain condition which is neither curable nor very well understood.

You see, the order of pain comes above non terminal cancer, arthritis or chronic back pain etc.

One thing after the other, I lost my ability to work for long, ability to stand up and walk, ability to study for an entire long semester, ability to feel pain free any hour of the day.

In a way I have lost who I used to be, I am no more the studious, active, happy, jolly girl that I once was!

Facing disappointment every week in terms of progressiveness of the disease, adding of new symptoms, failure of medication, failure of all kinds of therapy, yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy and every damn thing that exists out there and that I have tried and failed,

Seeing others who deserved so less than me and yet living a life that I was destined to live, hurts!

But what now?

What am I supposed to do with a body hurting forever?

With a hopeless life?

With a broken heart?

With the dreams that were murdered?

Nobody has an answer, perhaps not even our beloved god, for I have prayed day and night for my well-being, I have worked hard, and never chose to go with the seemingly easier path.

I was once admitted into a below average school because my family couldn’t afford a good school at the time.

After a few days of crying and blaming, I chose to apply for a wonderful school fully funded by government but for which I needed to work really hard and qualify the entrance examination.

I did work hard from morning 5 am to night 11 pm continuously just to be able to afford quality education, stand on my own feet and help my family later on.

In the end, I was among the only 8 students who got selected and I was ranked second among the ones who were selected.

Every time but this, when Fibromyalgia seems to be defeating me with those invisible knives, Spears, hammers on head and repeated crashing of my body under a loaded truck.

It’s certainly unfortunate and I feel extremely bad when my body hurts, when there is no medicine that I can take to relieve it, when all I see is gloomy days and difficult times with no happiness whatsoever!

But there is a silver lining to everything, always!

When I was depressed, when people drifted apart, when I was suffering, I cried but then I learnt to control my emotions, I chose to turn it into a spark, I chose to fight back no matter what it takes.

To this day, the only constant in my life is the spirit of never giving up, the belief that I will win the war with the cruelty one day and that I will succeed in spreading the message of faith, positivity, kindness, love and compassion!

I believe very firmly and that’s why even today when I am undergoing pain attacks in a half dead body, I have decided to travel back home, get some rest, keep writing, reading, fighting only to rise all the more brighter in the near future.

I know that if I don’t leave a scope unturned, if I keep going on no matter how many times life decides to knock me down, I am bound to win.

I just know it and you know what sometimes, that’s enough. 😊


With an aim to help others come out of their difficulties, make them mentally stronger and kinder and gentler, I started Calm Insights an year ago, since then I have been writing to motivate people, share their hardships and other than the wonderful messages that I get from you guys telling me how uplifted and empowered you feel to have known about me and my journey, my story was featured by The Indian women Blog and was nominated for Liebster Award.

That’s what shows up when you Google Calm Insights, isn’t that so cool? 😉

The feeling of making someone’s life better even while being in chronic pain myself creates a huge difference people, and though this may not be a very big achievement but deep down I know I am happier than many who inspite of having every material possession, are lost because they feel lack of purpose in their life.

Love a little more you beautiful people, that way the whole world comes a lot closer to you.

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And.. And…

I love you guys. 🌹🌹