What’s it like to be living with unbearable pain 24*7 of your life?

With no gel, injection, massage, therapy, medicine whatsoever not able to relieve the pain down to even 1%, life of a fibromyalgia patient is one of the most difficult among all the other illnesses you know.

Pain levels vary from 0 to 10!

Lowest that I have experienced over last 5 years is 5/10, which I call as my good day, this pain level includes flu-like feeling, dull aching widespread muscle pain, migraine, sore muscles etc 24*7!

That’s what I look like on my best day, least painful day( 5/10) I have learnt to bear it and look as normal as I can to you.

The kind of pain that a fibromyalgia patient goes through is similar to what you would experience when a truck has run over you, thousand hammers and knives and needles prickling through every inch of your body from head to toe.

Below is a picture of me while being in the above mentioned pain level.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly the same with every fibromyalgia patient, my doctors say it’s extremely severe in my case because of the mental trauma that I have been through in the initial days of my illness.

It was when my illness was stated fake, and neither doctors nor family and friends supported me. That was when out of loss of hopes and self denial, I even almost attempted suicide.

That’s why mental health is so very important to each one of us, especially when you are going through something which noone understands except yourself.

From change of course of life, being just 23 year old, I am now officially an immobile person living in a 60 year old body, half dead with pain.

I know there is no cure, that’s so because fibromyalgia is not yet understood by doctors.

The disease itself was officially accepted in the year 2007, before that all such patients would have believed that they were actually mad.

There is an entire National Fibromyalgia Association in the US, and yet they still don’t even know whether it’s a neurological disease or a physiological, let alone finding a cure for it!

All test reports coming to be normal in each fibromyalgia patient and still they undergo unbearable pain every second of their life, it’s of course mind boggling to the researchers too.

Until they understand the cause of this debilitating disease, all the present approaches will definitely be of no good.

I have gone from a chiropractor to a healer, physiotherapist to a neurologist, rheumatologist to a psychiatrist and many other people and alternative treatments but all with zero success.

My life is just a result of patience and never giving up attitude today, with my legs feeling like being bitten by thousand snakes, head being beaten up by rods continuously, body feeling very near to death with the cruel monstrous pain, all I have in my heart is to push some more, live one more day and hope some more.

Life can really really be tough, tough to a point that we can hardly breathe or imagine or wish, let alone dream!

But seeing myself living through this hell, crying, crawling, standing, falling down and getting back up;

All I learn from the struggle is that we really are more powerful than our circumstances, no matter how bad they are.

At this point in my life, I feel I have lost everything save one, my will to live no matter how hard it gets.

With Calm Insights YouTube channel and my blogs, I get at least one new message from someone suffering from this disease telling how they had to leave their job or studies, how they want to kill themselves, some are on wheelchairs and others being abused because their peers don’t believe in it yet.

Life is really a struggle for some, I haven’t slept this entire night because of pain. I was crying, tossing, turning, clenching, and then decided to write something down for the world, even when my thumb is feeling like it’ll cut itself from my hand.

All I say to all of these recently diagnosed or others who have been living with it for years, is that once Tuberculosis was a new disease, there was no cure.

But then they found one, exactly the same way there will be a cure for Fibromyalgia too.

I just wish it comes up not too late, many lives and dreams and smiles have been crushed under it’s deadly shadow, I wish with all my heart and soul that they find a cure soon.


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