What’s the most beautiful relationship in the world

Much has been said and heard already about the sanctity and eminence of motherhood !

From being a silent care-giver, mentor, teacher and coach of our life;

To forgetting all our mistakes, praying for our well-being, taking care of all our needs and silently understanding the unspoken words.

‘Mother’ is a word really really beautiful and perhaps, it’s very hard to put all of it in words.

As a tiny little story teller and motivator, let me take you on the journey of a beautiful young girl, from being a manager at a renowned company to keeping all her life aspirations aside for taking care of another beautiful girl, born to her.

Yes, That’s the pretty lady I am going to talk about, while I am sure your eyes might still be stuck at the cute little girl with shiny eyes and who is wearing pink little dress with frills.

The lady you are seeing in the picture had won many awards for her outstanding performance at many workplaces and was the happiest girl in the world !

Until one fine day, when her parents decided to get her married and proceed to live her life with a life partner.

She still kept working and doing whatever she loved to, like travelling, helping those in need while also helping her parents financially !

Life was treating her well, and so was she until another beautiful day;

Breathe. Push. Repeat..

Caesarian it is, the nurse said to her mother.

And there she was, screaming in pain, lying on a small bed in the corner of a room stinking of Ammonia and Phenol and Medicines to say the least.

Drenched in limitless rush of tears through her eyes, while they cut her abdomen with a sterile knife and kept the newborn who was still trying to adjust to a world outside her womb for the first time ever.

A cute little girl with extremely delicate fingers and tender eyes was born.

The lady had to leave her job to be able to take care of the new darling of the house.

She taught her to first nod, then sign language and then slowly to walk, eat and talk and write and most importantly to express herself through words.

The little girl soon grew up while her mom kept on ageing, losing her charm and grace, because she couldn’t get time and attention for herself.

All that she ever cared for, was the little girl’s well being and happiness and comfort.

The world forgot her, her colleagues forgot her, she isn’t the same gorgeous looking lady and sadly she forgot even to take care of herself, her belongings, her self-esteem, her priorities, her satisfaction, her life as a whole !

But she is happy, her happiness lies in the fact that the girl wearing the pink dress with frills keeps smiling and smiling forever.

That’s the beauty of a mother-child love.

The unconditional love.

The kind which doesn’t rely on give and take norms.

The kind which is most pure, real and irreversible.

Go hug your mom, tell them how much you love them and take care of them till their last breathe for they are the ones who truly care about you.

With Love !

Hope you liked it, please leave a comment below on how your relationship with your mother has been.

Shoutout to all beautiful Mommys out there !


The lady in the picture is my own elder sister and I am proud of her.

The little cute girl is going to school now while her mother is working on her start-up.

Women are really very strong. Learn from them !

Their endurance, patience, hard work and will to succeed is incomparable.

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