When life feels hard on you

“The hardest step she ever took was to blindly believe in who she was.”

~ Atticus

Hey beautiful people!

I have not been writing very often these days, so both thankful and sorry for those who wait for a blog every week.

Almost two-third of the year has gone by and here we are entangled and anxious and what not!

About my life, literally a’lot has happened over the past couple months. The moment I got comfortable with one change, another crept in without a notice, and that’s how fumbling through things, here I am standing right in the middle of the everything, feeling all kinds of emotions that there are!

Here are a few things that happened:

1. I turned 25.

2. I began to love ebooks on Kindle and hate paperbacks (IKR)

3. A new medicine almost made me feel as if fibromyalgia had left me but then all kinds of nightmare with pain came crashing down the moment I least expected.

4. I met some wonderful people.

5. I read a few thought-provoking, life-changing books.

6. My sister got engaged and I couldn’t go because traveling triggers pain.

7. I fell in love.

8. I was heartbroken by someone.

9. I was depressed for a very long time.

10. I was mistreated by a professor in college and I stood up for myself.

11. I realised that I don’t know anything. Maybe the more you read the more you think you don’t know?

12. I became less judgemental and more compassionate with people who have done me wrong.

13. I grew fond of nature.

14. I developed immense love and gratitude for my parents.

15. I tried alcohol for the first time and I learnt that it’s not for me.

So in a nutshell, I both loved and hated life at the same time and I am yet to figure out how that could be.

Life is a beautiful gift people.

Betrayals, heartbreaks, ailments, death and trauma are all bound to cross your path some day. I think we all need to teach ourselves to feel okay about it.

Looking back, I always feel extremely grateful for all the setbacks in life for they have shaped the present me.

There were times and there still are times when I literally crawled my way through just to be able to exist.

But you know the deeper you fall, the more capable you become of appreciating life’s joys, isn’t it?

Keep hustling, keep learning and keep evolving.

Like stagnant water gets contaminated and rotten eventually, our lives get stagnated too when there isn’t any flow of energy, wisdom and warmth from one to another.

Stay warm and lovely as you are

Remember there is light in the end of the tunnel, hold on to whatever is in sight and keep going.

Strength and Love 💙💜


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Have a beautiful, brilliant day people!