When you Can’t Decide

Life is a Collection of Multiple Endings and Beginnings.

Every Ending opens many Doors and Possibilities to choose from and thus a Responsibility to Build an Effective ‘Decision’.

Our Mind Sometimes fails to be in Sync with our Feelings. It often throws us into a vicious circle of Dilemma where We find Various Choices and Each One of them Sounds equally Favourable.

And there comes the Indecisiveness, Lack of Confidence and Mental Chaos into Picture !!

Instead of flowing in the Sorrow of not being able to Decide and Act, Know that the Aimlessness is Natural and a Crucial part of our Life which Ultimately helps us Grow and become Better at Handling things.

You can follow these simple steps to make an Effective Decision-

  • Sort out and List all the Possible Options.
  • Note down Pros and Cons against Each one of them.
  • Analyse every Possibility on the basis of above Plot and Factors.
  • Think Rationally, Calculate and Set Priority.

And there you are with the Decision in Hand.

Here Comes My Favourite Part.

Positive Thinker’s Brain – WOW, You are Done !

Negative Ones- Oh, Really? ( How can you not Overthink ! ), Wait, It can’t be done this easily, It’s definitely a Wrong Decision. You are a Loser !

In the back of your Mind, even after doing the Analysis and having Decided Properly, You are Unsure and Fearful of the Consequences.

No Worries People, Even a Legendary Businessman and Philanthropist like Ratan Tata Said;

“I don’t believe in taking Right Decisions, I take Decisions and then make them Right”.

Never stop Believing in Your Ability and Efforts.

Each one of you are Amazing and Beautiful People !!

You are all given Extraordinary Power to Heal, Conquer and Cherish the Beauty that lies Above every Obstacle.

Nothing is Stronger than the Power within You. Problems are just tiny packets of Energy wrapped to form an illusion of Negativity but Destined to make your Life wonderful eventually.

Stay Positive, Keep Smiling and Always look for the Possibilities !!