Why I became a vegan this year!

Hey you beautiful people!

I had promised to deliver a blog about the biggest change I have brought in my life this year, and before I begin, apologies for the delay caused.

It so happened that last two weeks have been terrible in terms of my health, my lower body had become completely numb and immobile and I had to shift to my parent’s for rest and support.

But I am feeling better now and have successfully put an end to my allopathic treatment and entered into homeopathic for a week now.

It was disheartening ofcourse that all my efforts in last 4 years went into vain, but considering life to be unpredictable and knowing that God works in miraculous ways, I am hopeful of the possibilities that still lay unturned.

Okay, so basically I am a food-lover more than anything else in the world!

My top favourites being mutton curries, fried prawns, eggs, chicken wings etc. It was ofcourse suprising for my family and friends to have learnt that I have given up on non-vegetarian food( not even egg anymore).

I still remember when my mom called and enquired of the new change, she just had one thing to say, ” But, it was your favourite food, you were such a foodie, what now?”

I then realised the amount of self-control that it was going to take for me to completely give-up on things that my taste-buds absolutely loved eating, but I also realised something else that very moment;

Despite knowing every damn fact about where the non vegetarian food comes from and what exactly do these creatures go through before they are cut into pieces, spiced and fried up and kept in front of us as food;

How readily we gobble them down as though being entirely unaware of the blood, fear, shrieks, tears and opposition that must have followed their brutal death.

So now, it was not any video or picture of an innocent animal being killed for food that changed my mind, it was an incident that happened with me over time.

In short what happened was that I used to see these chickens being stabbed, killed, boiled in hot water,cleaned off their feathers and then cooked in a see through oven in a restaurant on my way to a place, everyday for about a month.

Initially it was just another thing on the way but with time, it became food for thought and I began thinking about the animal’s sufferings.

It was very disturbing to feel responsible for the killing of those innocent animals.

For sure, the resources on earth are equally for us to enjoy as they are for animals, they aren’t for us to raise in mass and then slaughter for food.

And then I thought, would I still eat non veg if I had to kill it myself and cook?

Like in the below picture?

The answer was absolutely NO!

However much I love non-veg food, however much I love the taste of their flesh cooked and fried;

They will always be more important than my choice of food and when it all became clear to me, I decided to stop eating animals!!

Now, the idea here is to stop hurting someone for our own needs when it can be fulfilled without hurting them too.

For example elephant’s tusks, alligator’s skin, rhino, tiger, lion and many other species of animals are killed to make cosmetics, leather etc.

They are hurt for our needs when we can do very well without hurting them too.

Keeping this in mind, I took another decision to go vegan, which will require much more strength because I will have to stop using anything which involves animal cruelty.

Other than eating vegetables, the foremost thing to do in order to become a vegan will be to give up on any dairy product.

Why is that?

They undergo tremendous stress and pain to keep the gallons of milk running to our houses every day.

What about the nutrients that we get from milk, you may ask!

Well, they can very well be fetched from almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk etc.

I know going vegan is a very big commitment, mostly because next to non veg, I love pizzas!

And what is a pizza without cheese?

But one step at a time towards making a difference, towards bringing the vegan revolution and towards making the world a better place both for us and our counterparts is not a very bad idea, is it?

P.S- How can I forget the debate-lovers who say plants get hurt too, both are the same thing, why then eat them and leave the other behind?

Here’s the thing, you never see a plant jumping out of the chopping pad, crying and pleading for it’s life. It’s because plants have less complicated nervous system and though they can feel a thing or two but they don’t feel pain and fear and death the way animals do. 😊

Also, some people might argue that we grow plants and eat them, similarly we put animals in farm and multiply their number by varied ways to meet our demand so there isn’t really a difference;

Only that there is, by growing plants to meet our needs we are enriching our environment with Oxygen and thus lessening the risk of global warming, but growing animals in large numbers and slaughtering them increases Carbon dioxide and hence poses a dangerous risk on our environment as well as our own health as we are nothing but it’s inhabitants.

To talk about facts, many public figures like Amitabh Bachchan, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, Amir Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez have introduced veganism in their life recently.

Cool, right?

Lastly, it’s always your decision whether to go vegan or not, noone is forcing you to do it, not even me.

I just shared what I experienced, I hope it all made sense and helped you gain a little insight.

Thank you so much for being the wonderful readers, until next time, take care!🌷🌷

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