Why Travel Solo!

Goodbye to another hectic week and Hello to our beloved weekend! 💕

So many of us absolutely love Travelling;

The thrill that a new place gives is incomparable.

And by travelling, I don’t mean going to fancy places abroad!

People generally have a misconception that places located abroad are the only good places in the world.

We ourselves underestimate our country so much, and that isn’t something I am proud to say!

Recently, I read a meme somewhere on the internet which goes like this.

Someone who wants to describe a place ‘X’ in India that they have been to, and loved it, they say;

” Waha par jao, lagega hi nahi ki India hai”

That roughly translates to, “When you go there, you won’t feel like it’s India”.

Seriously people?

Indian subcontinent is famous all over the world for, having the largest democracy, diversity in culture, art, languages, religion and the awesome food we have like nowhere else.

With Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea surrounding the southern half, and the massive Himalayas in the North, you get to see so many different shades of life.

From the stunning beauty of North-east to the backwaters of Kerala.

From the forts and palaces of Rajasthan to the high mountains in the North.

From the beautiful beaches in the south to the art and culture of West Bengal.

From the religious temples of Tamil Nadu to the flora and fauna of Madhya Pradesh.

India indeed has it all!

Now let’s get back to the travel part of it, I have observed many say, why travel?

What’s the fun in going to unknown places where you don’t understand their language and where everything is new and uncertain!

I don’t exactly know how to justify that, but those who love going to new places will certainly understand the satisfaction and happiness it gives, the thrill and excitement you carry, the learning and enlightenment it provides.

Now, there are two types of travellers.

Type 1- Who want to come out of their hectic schedule, relax and enjoy their presence at a beautiful place and remain stress-free for a few days by pampering themselves with food and shopping etc.

These are the people who travel either with family or friends or acquaintances!

Type 2- Who want to explore the world, get to know about various aspects of life, meet new people, make new friends, feel confident, challenge themselves with the uncertainty and most importantly to discover themselves.

I am very sure, most of you would have experienced type 1 atleast once in your life.

But type 2, isn’t as common as the first one, ofcourse because it has its own elements of risk, fear of being left out and lots of doubts and insecurities!

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer to travel solo over a group;


Travelling solo can give you the freedom to do things in your own way, often in groups you are forced to choose things which majority wants and not what you want.


The confidence it provides when you plan and make every decision by yourself. It indeed is something to feel proud of, because that in turn will give you the gut to face other things in life with unshakeable confidence over yourself.

New friends

Getting to know about strangers and making new friends, who belong to a completely different culture and place, you come back home with a bunch of new people as your friends.

Change in Perspective

This one is my favourite;
After having travelled solo you come back with this new perspective and deeper understanding of life than before, because your thinking process is uninterrupted when you are alone, and you are bound to look at things and process them in your mind, which can never happen while in groups.

Exploring yourself

And last but not the least, when you are at a new place alone, the way you handle things, the consequences of it, the decisions you make, all of it helps you get an insight on who you are as a person. In simple words, you get to understand yourself better.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Go pack your bags and visit a place nearby but with the condition that you go alone, and if you do that, don’t forget to comment below your experience for me and for other readers out there! 💙💚💜


I have travelled solo to many places in India, and I fall behind words in explaining to you how amazing my experiences have been!

As a seeker of meaningful life full of learning, it feels extremely disappointing to see how people have completely ruined the perspective of travelling.

They think it’s an achievement and something to boast about, but no, please understand that it’s more of a learning process and a path for self discovery than anything else.

Travel to travel and not just to tick things out of your bucket list.

To start with, you can go for morning walks, without bringing your electronic gadgets and earphones, sit and talk with people there.

Go for a casual walk-on a busy street, or visit places like orphanages and old age homes.

Plan and travel to nearby places. Talk to local people. See how they live and what their insight about life is.

And if you are so incapable of doing all these things and if you have already got excuses for not doing above, please go and atleast sit outside in morning/evening but with a condition that you can’t bring anyone or any gadget with you, not even your phone.

A 30 min time just for yourself without being a part of the hustle-bustle will not cause you any harm.

Start talking, pamper yourself, go places, go visit your parents, take breaks and travel solo! 🙃

Strength and Love! 💕

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