Why you must stop posting every detail of your life on social media!

Hey you beautiful people!

Today is a Sunday and also a day for a new blog entry.

All day, I kept thinking about what to write on;

Actually I had a few topics in mind about which I have been thinking to write for quiet sometime now but because of my ever declining health and non-stop flare up, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I ran a survey kind of thing on my social media handles in search for a good topic but I couldn’t feel connected to any of them.

My friend Swathi, suggested me a brilliant thing but here is what I thought about it.

Thank you Swathi, for reminding me that I need to go back and work on it!

So then it felt really off, that I wasn’t going to publish anything and hence I decided to write the whole thing that I intended to write in the first place.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen… 🐥

Topic is why you must stop posting every detail, every picture, every event of your life on social media!

A year and a half ago,when I was completely bed-ridden due to fibromyalgia, I observed that I was easily getting carried away by seeing posts of people chilling in beautiful places, eating delicious food at the best restaurants across India, making visits abroad, taking up their hobbies and new courses, getting engaged etc.

And all was conveyed through perfect pictures from their life, by looking at which one would easily infer that these were the people living the best times of their lives.

Accept it or not, but it used to make me feel so full of guilt, inferiority complex and my logical brain had almost entirely convinced me that I was living the life of a loser.

I am sure it happens with almost every human being out there, unless and until you have mastered the art of self-control or of course if your social media accounts are deactivated. 🤣

Then, my stupid brain full of envy and rage decided to put every damn thing on social media to make others feel the same that I had been feeling all these years!

That was happening in around December 2016 to December 2017, you can go verify it through the plethora of posts and perfect seeming photographs, uploaded on my Instagram and Facebook accounts in the mentioned timeline.

You must be wondering what happened after December 2017?

I would say, “Life happened.” (In the truest sense)

I moved to Bangalore, got admitted in a hospital which turned out to be the best place I had ever been to because of the other patients in the same wing as mine. Most of them were guys of my age, suffering from mental disabilities and disorders like Schizophrenia, Clinical Depression, Mania, ADHD, OCD etc.

At first, much like others, I wasn’t ready to talk to any of them, of course because they had major issues per say and I didn’t want to get affected. (I pity the old me and the prejudice that I had about such patients) 😒

With time, at loss of better options, I started talking with them, made friends with them, started hanging out with them and much to my surprise they turned out to be the best human beings I have ever met in my life till date.

Why so?

Because, each one of them had battled some very serious issues in their life and when they said life is beautiful, despite having gone through all that and despite having survived multiple suicidal thoughts, they wholly and truly meant it.

I learnt a great deal of lessons about love, compassion and kindness from my hospital buddies.

But what is this entire story to do with your posts on social media?

Each of their stories surprised me equally by inferring that 90% of the mental health issues root from family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances trying to hide their real characters and showing off something that they are not, something that seems cool and something that is too ideal to be true!

Don’t we all know it already?

And yet, we so easily fall in the vicious cycle of false unrealistic beliefs such as a certain body type is the only acceptable body type, a certain college is the only acceptable one and any person without these senseless conventional traits will be looked upon very badly and finally made to feel guilt about himself/herself.

Are you starting to understand now that you trying to follow certain social media trend, you trying to look happy and jolly even if you are not is making millions of other people unhappy.

As a matter of fact, let’s say that you are really showing what you truly are on social media and not faking it even a bit, so what’s wrong, you might ask?

The thing is, if your life is so perfect and happy and prosperous, why don’t you try to make the lives of others happy by channelizing the energy that you spend on social media and using it for the sake of others; give your time to the underprivileged, pay a visit to an old-age house, home for orphans, meet those who are begging on roadside, ask them what they need, be the big man/woman and extend a helping hand.

Friends, remember that you were not given this beautiful life of a privileged human being just to party, do shit and die.

There is a purpose in life which is to find your own way of giving back and making this tiny beautiful planet a little more just and enjoyable for everyone.

Give it some thought, think for some time and you will pretty much conclude it by yourself.

Each act of ours, to show off something that we are not, posting pictures with namesake friends and captioning them #bestfriendsforever and many such similar acts not only fool you into believing that your life is too fancy but it cultivates extremely bad feelings in the minds of others.

Be kind, live, learn and give something back each day!

Remember that no one is perfect,you will achieve it slowly, one thing at a time, one day at a time, the idea is to connect more in the real world and less in the virtual one.

Hope I made sense.

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