Wonder by R J Palacio: Book Review

It’s a children’s story, an international bestseller, but so much more than that!

Some say, it’s in line with the books like The curious incident of a dog in the night-time. That’s like one of my favourite books but this has an emotional side to it that makes it all the more good.

August Pullman, aged 10 is a normal boy except that he has a face that looks scary, as some would put, it looks like it’s burnt because he wasn’t born a normal child.

Back Cover of the book

He had probably gone through as many surgeries for cleft lip, chin, ears, cheek etc. that you won’t even go through in 10 lifetimes.

Sleepless nights, inability to eat, speak or hear in his initial days forced him to be homeschooled by his mother until the 4th grade. For middle school they decided to send him to a normal school and there starts the story.

Scary, frightened, ugly looks, being called names, people assuming that they will get a disease if they go near him because of his ugly face makes it definitely very very hard for August to carry on but thanks to some kind friends like Summer and Jack that he continues to be there and face people’s fingers raised at him anyway.

What makes this story very unique and special is that, the same events, same story is written from each character’s perspective and that makes us understand how easily we judge people without knowing what’s it that they are going through.

One of the pages of Wonder

And then comes my favourite part, the bully boy Julian in the book gets expelled from the school in the end. Good for the readers of course because he was the one who created most trouble for Auggie during his entire 5th grade in school.

After about 2 years of Wonder being published, there came a second part called The Julian Chapter in which the entire story is narrated by Julian where he explains why he does what he does.

He finally understands his mistake and goes back to write apology letter to Auggie and that’s like one of the most emotional parts of the book.

It’s a book like The fault in our Stars by John Green, where you feel like crying almost everywhere.

Wonder by R J has taught me how its never late to start things all over again! 🌻🌻

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